We provide drug screen collection services overseen by trained and experienced personnel. That’s important as you manage and monitor your workforce.

In addition, our rapid drug screen technology provides same-day results, while our lab based drug testing results are usually available in 24-48 hours.

Quality is central to our service. On-site medical review officers supervise drug screens and breath alcohol testing is completed by Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians.

After Hours Drug and Alcohol Testing is available for companies who require reasonable suspicion, post accident or DOT random testing. All pre-employment drug screens are done during our business hours only.

If an employee is required to have a reasonable suspicion, post-accident or DOT random drug and/or breath alcohol test and Sparrow Occupational Health Services (OHS) is closed, the following steps must be followed:

  1. The employer representative should page on-call staff at 517.360.2165 (a response should come within 15 minutes). Let staff know what type of testing is to be done.
  2. Send the employee directly to the St. Lawrence Emergency Department OHS authorization form. An employer representative designated to authorize testing must sign the form. The on-call OHS staff member will meet the employee in the St. Lawrence Emergency Department.

Note: If the test is for reasonable suspicion, a designated employer representative must accompany the employee.

  1. Instruct employee that if on-call person is not in St. Lawrence Emergency upon arrival, employee should check in at the registration desk. Give the clerk the OHS authorization from and tell the clerk that he/she is there for drug and/or alcohol testing only – do not sign in for treatment. Ask the clerk to page OHS on-call staff. The OHS associate will escort the employee to the testing area.
  2. After testing is completed, the on-call associate will take the employee back to the Emergency Department and the employee may leave. A copy of the testing form(s) will be provided to the employee.

Note: A breath alcohol test with a confirmed positive result requires that the employee remain in the testing area until the employer has been notified and arrangements for transportation for the employee have been made. It is the responsibility of the employer to arrange for transportation.

    1. Contact OHS at 517.364.3900 on the next business day if there are any questions or concerns.