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Time: Two hour sessions in the evening
Classes are available in the Lansing area.

Class Fee: $55 per couple

PHP and SPHN Insurance now covers cost of this program please use registration form below.

Financial Assistance is available for this class for details email: 

Description:  Learn more about breastfeeding to give your baby the very best start. Our Breastfeeding Class, taught by a Certified Lactation Counselor, using evidence based baby friendly information.  Mom's support person is welcome and encouraged to attend! The evidence based information recognizes how valuable Mom's support person is to successful breastfeeding.  Classes use a variety of teaching methods including coaching, demonstration and hands on learning techniques.  Using these type of class room instruction provides information, tips, techniques to get breastfeeding off to a good start and keep breastfeeding on-going.


Class Topics:         

         - Understanding Breastfeeding  

  • Prenatal changes
  • How your body makes milk
  • Skin to skin & the first feeding
  • Positioning and latch on
  • Signs of success & how to manage possible problems
  • Maintaining milk supply
  • Breast pump basics & milk collection/storage
  • Where to find help with breastfeeding/community resources     



***Please note beginning in June 2019 this class is only offered every other month.***


Friday 17th: 6pm - 8pm 


Wednesday 19th: 6pm - 8pm


Friday, 16th: 6pm-8pm

***New dates will be added as they become available***

    *Pre-registration is required.


    WAYS TO REGISTER (Please note you will receive a registration email within three business days.)

    • REGISTRATION FORM USING CREDIT CARD - Use this form if you are paying by VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card.

    • PHP/SPHN ONLY Registration  Use this form if you have PHP (not Medicaid PHP) or if you have SPHN insurance (Sparrow Associates only) and your class is covered by insurance. 

    • Download the PDF REGISTRATION FORM and mail it in with your check, money order, credit card, or insurance information and send to: EPO 3315 S Pennsylvania Ave, Lansing MI 48910