Group Fitness

Get fit. Get strong. Have fun in a group setting. Membership at the MAC includes over 100 complimentary classes per week led by the area’s most experienced and qualified instructors. No reservations required, with the exception of group cycling. Classes are taught according to level key, with modifications offered for various fitness levels (see our program guide for more details). Weekly schedules for classes can be found here.

Cardio & Strength Combined Classes

Boot Camp: Boot Camp encompasses a wide variety of exercises in a station setting to prevent boredom while creating challenging exercises to assist individuals in meeting their exercise goals.

Cardio Sculpt: a multi-level class that begins with lower body conditioning and transitions to intervals of cardio and weights. Speed and power drills are incorporated.

Cardio/Strength Interval: Alternating intervals of straight cardio (floor and/or STEP) with strength segments using a variety of equipment (weights, resistance tubing, gliders). Basic choreography, all-in-one workout.

Cardio Variety: a “base level” class offering an introduction to exercises with simple routines. Classes vary between low impact, low impact with weights and STEP aerobics.

Workout with Weights: interval cardio and weight class with emphasis on muscle conditioning and endurance. A variety of equipment is used, including barbells, dumbbells, tubes and exercise ball.

Kettlebell: Learn how to use kettlebells safely and effectively to get a muscle-sculpting fat-burning, high-intensity workout without impact on joints.

Senior Fit: focus on improving strength, balance, and core muscles, with segments devoted to increasing joint range of motion and flexibility; modifications are offered for all fitness levels in a non-threatening environment.

STEP & Sculpt: Alternates between advanced level STEP patterns and segments of strength training, followed by core work and a relaxing stretch.

All-Cardio Classes

Advanced STEP: multi-level class, with options given for variations in power and choreography; prior STEP experience advised.

Bullet: a high intensity workout utilizing STEP, plyometrics, jump ropes and floor work. Fast and furious!

Cardio Cycle: Group cycling class combining seated flat rides, seated and standing hills, jumping and sprinting. Some classes are followed by core strength work.

Cardio Tennis: a fun group activity using tennis drills to give players of all abilities a high energy workout.

ZUMBA: Latin-inspired, dance fitness class that incorporates Latin and international music with dance movements to create a dynamic, exciting and high-energy fitness class.

Strength Classes

Barre Workout: Body sculpting using the ballet barre, resulting in a toned lower body, strong arms and flat abdominals by fusing elements of ballet, Pilates, and the use of free weights.

Core & More: Emphasis on strengthening and defining the mid-section; additional muscle groups and agility drills incorporated in some classes.

Muscle Strength & Conditioning: Isolation of each of the major muscle groups utilizing free weights, bar bells and resistance tubing. A personal training approach in a group setting for all fitness levels.

Total Fit: Functional training with a variety of strength, endurance and balance moves using free weights, stability balls and resistance tubing. A different work out every session!

Mind / Body Classes

Meditation: Class teaches mindful meditation techniques through restful yoga poses and breath work, focusing on stress relief and re-energizing the mind-body connection. A peaceful practice to encourage health and healing.

Nia: Pump the heart, reduce tension, increase joint flexibility and tone muscles with creative movement, mindful awareness, and a joyful spirit. Appropriate for all ages and ability levels.

Stretch: Gain muscle balance, reduce tension, and increase range of motion by incorporating flexibility training into your fitness routine.

Yoga: Achieve balance, flexibility and strength in an open, non-challenging environment. Classes increase in intensity of flow and pose degree of difficulty beginning with Gentle Yoga up to Yoga Levels 1 through 3.

Yogalates: the best of both worlds - core strength building of Pilates with balance and flexibility work of yoga. Increase strength and flexibility, resulting in improved balance in poses.