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Bones joints and muscles

  • ACL reconstruction

    ACL reconstruction — Comprehensive overview covers definition, preparation, results of this knee ligament-repairing procedure.

  • Arthroscopy

    Arthroscopy — Overview covers definition, risks, results of this joint procedure.

  • Back surgery: When is it a good idea?

    Back pain rarely requires surgery. Research your options before going under the knife.

  • Chiropractic adjustment

    Chiropractic adjustment — Overview covers definition, what to expect from spinal manipulation treatment for back pain.

  • Cortisone shots

    Cortisone shots — Comprehensive overview covers definition, risks, results of cortisone injections.

  • Diskectomy

    Diskectomy — Overview covers risks, results of this surgical procedure to treat herniated spinal disks.

  • Hip replacement

    Hip replacement — Overview covers definition, risks, results of this surgery.

  • Hip resurfacing: An alternative to conventional hip replacement?

    Learn about benefits and risks of hip resurfacing as a treatment for hip arthritis.

  • Knee braces for osteoarthritis

    Knee braces — Comprehensive overview covers definition, risks and results of knee braces for osteoarthritis.

  • Knee osteotomy

    Knee osteotomy — Comprehensive overview covers definition, risks, benefits of this alternative to knee replacement.

  • Knee replacement

    Knee replacement — Comprehensive overview covers knee replacement surgery and recovery.

  • Laminectomy

    Laminectomy — Overview covers definition, risks, results of a type of spinal decompression surgery.

  • Prolotherapy: Solution to low back pain?

    Prolotherapy may help low back pain, but proof remains elusive.

  • Radiofrequency neurotomy

    Radiofrequency neurotomy — Overview covers definition, risks and what happens during this chronic pain treatment.

  • Spinal fusion

    Spinal fusion — Overview covers risks, preparation, results of this surgery to treat spine disorders.