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Monday, February 17, 2014 - Caregivers, community provide treats to young Patients

Young Sparrow Patients have a special treat in store for them after a visit to the Pediatric Treatment Room.

After going through pokes and other treatments, kids will be able to choose a toy thanks to the generosity of two Sparrow Caregivers and the High 5ive Foundation, created by former MSU and current Arizona Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton.

Sparrow Caregivers Steve Martin, M.D., a Pediatric Intensivist, and Health Unit Coordinator Todd Daniels, donated their time and materials to build the treasure chest which now sits outside the treatment room. The High 5ive Foundation provided a grant to purchase the toys, which include selections for kids of all ages.

Projects like this are part of Sparrow’s efforts to provide quality, compassionate care to kids in our region. Click here to learn more about the High 5ive Foundation. 

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Sparrow's Epilepsy Monitoring Unit recently achieved a major milestone. Check out this Sparrow News Video:

Have concerns about Enterovirus infections? Protectiyouself by practicing good hand hygiene and wash any contaminated surfaces!

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Surgery was performed for the first time on a Patient diagnosed at the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. Click here to watch.

The Sparrow Children’s Center received a $15,000 donation because of a young Patient's efforts. Click here to watch. 

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