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Thursday, April 03, 2014 - Sparrow Annual Reports receive MarCom, ADDY awards

Sparrow’s Annual Reports recently earned recognition for excellence in marketing/advertising and received a 2014 Gold ADDY Award and a 2013 Gold MarCom Award.

Sparrow’s Annual Report is a great resource for the media and the public about Sparrow and its 10,000 Physicians, Nurses, Staff, and Volunteers.

The 2012 Sparrow Annual Report features videos of seven outstanding Sparrow Caregivers and how they are transforming health care. Click here to see the report.

The 2013 Sparrow Annual Report highlights some of our Patients whose lives have been touched by the care they’ve received and the Caregivers who provided it to them. It can be viewed at

At Sparrow, our Patient-centered approach is fundamentally transforming the way health care is provided in our community. These award-winning Annual Reports could not be completed without the support and hard work of our Caregivers.

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Sparrow purchase of CAP-Lab extends excellent laboratory services to more mid-Michigan Patients.

Sparty got a flu shot at Sparrow today! Did you get yours yet?

Videos on SparrowTV

Surgery was performed for the first time on a Patient diagnosed at the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. Click here to watch.

The Sparrow Children’s Center received a $15,000 donation because of a young Patient's efforts. Click here to watch. 

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