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Friday, September 06, 2013 - Sparrow remembers Mary Ellen Ruch, longtime Volunteer

We honor Mary Ellen Ruch, a longtime Sparrow Volunteer who recently died.

Mary Ellen and husband Emil were the driving forces behind Carolyn’s Rooftop Garden at the Sparrow Hospice House. Their daughter, Carolyn, died at Hospice at age 26 and the family’s only regret was that they couldn’t enjoy the outdoors with her as they said goodbye.

The family rallied around the project, sold poinsettias during the holidays, had fundraiser walks and runs, and saw the garden come to fruition.

Mary Ellen was also an incredible person, organizing social engagements for the Mercy League at the Sparrow St. Lawrence Campus and bringing together many people in service of others. She was Sparrow’s Volunteer of the Month in October 2011.

She will be missed.

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