Birthing highlights and milestones

1901: Hospital Auxiliary, later the Sparrow Auxiliary, the hospital's first volunteer group, is formed. For more than 75 years, the Auxiliary has provided a soft, flannel hand sewn baby blanket to every baby born at Sparrow.

1912: Hospital rededicated as Edward W. Sparrow Hospital at 1215 E. Michigan Avenue.

1920: Number of births become part of annual statistics. In that year, 287 births are recorded.

1934: First area quadruplets born to Carl and Sadie Morlok of Lansing. The Morlok quadruplets were named Edna A., Wilma B., Sara C. and Helen D. Their first initial were in the honor of the hospital of their birth, Edward W. Sparrow Hospital. Their middle initial recorded the order of their birth.

1948: Sparrow opens the Oak Park Annex on Lesher Place as a children's care center to allow more hospital beds for birthing services during the post-World War II baby boom. The use of the facility, loaned to the hospital by trustee R.E. Olds, was discontinued in 1959.

1956: Sparrow's 50,000th baby, Linda Marie Pfuhl, of Holt is born.

1966: Sparrow's 75,000th baby, Kathryn Mary Nemer, of Webberville is born.

1968: Sparrow is first hospital in the nation to use a sealed, pre-mixed formula, disposable nippled bottle to feed babies in the hospital nursery.

1974: Sparrow provides region's first neonatal intensive care unit for premature infants.

1973: Sparrow's 100,000th baby: Michell Marie Miers of Lansing is born.

1998: First area quintuplets born to Leith and Lori Curtis of Grand Ledge

1998: Sparrow's 200,000th baby: Blayne Amadeus Knechtges of Eaton Rapids is born.

2006: Six sets of twins born within 32 hours.

2006: Sparrow's second set up quintuplets born to Rex and Malessa Wing of Shepard.

2011: 250,000th baby is born.