Sparrow’s Be Well Everyday program encourages users to make healthier choices and get on the path to wellness.Be Well Everyday is free to use and lets you take a health risk assessment, get a health report, access the Mayo Health Library, connect to Mayo health assessments, and more!Your path to wellness begins by completing a Health Assessment. This 40 question survey takes approximately 15 – 20 minutes to complete.

If you do not answer all 40 questions at one time, your answers will be saved and you can log-in at a later date to continue. Upon completion, you will receive a Health Report and Risk Advisor to help you understand you current state of health and create a Wellness Plan.Through Sparrow’s membership in the prestigious Mayo Clinic Care Network, you will also have access to the Mayo Health Library and Mayo assessments.We’ll also help to ensure you don’t miss any health community events by alerting you through invitations in our image rotator.

Weight LogLog your weight each day to help you track your progress and adjust your plan to meet your goals.

Fruit & Veggie Tracker

The Fruit & Vegetable Tracker allows you to quickly and easily log and track the number of fruits and vegetables you eat on a daily basis. The tracker includes 6 categories; 3 fruit categories and 3 vegetable categories. Each category is separated according to similarity in calories and nutritional value.WorkshopsThe ability to deliver behavioral change programs and to monitor compliance and efficacy is critical to any wellness offering. With our wellness workshops, organizations can deliver prescriptive, self-paced and customizable programs to educate and empower individuals to take control of their lifestyle choices.Want more Be Well? Talk to your employer about participating in the Be Well at Work program. Challenge fellow co-workers or work in teams to develop your Wellness Plan. Enjoy incentives and rewards while leading a healthy lifestyle.Mention it to your employer or click here for more information. Get on the Path to Wellness with Sparrow and Be Well!Go to Be Well Everyday log in page.