Excess weight and diabetes often go hand-in-hand. In fact, obesity and lack of exercise appear to be responsible for the increasing number of Americans with diabetes. Yet type 2 diabetes can no longer be called “adult onset.” With childhood obesity reaching near epidemic levels, the number of children developing type 2 diabetes is also alarmingly high.

Fortunately, lifestyle changes such as losing weight, choosing healthy foods, and getting regular exercise can prevent—and even reverse—this most common form of the disease.

Weight loss often helps you to reduce or even eliminate diabetes medication. Control and prevention are built into all programs offered by Sparrow Weight Management Services.

Do you already have diabetes?

Good News: You can control type 2 diabetes, drastically reducing your risk for complications.

Researchers tell us that losing as little as five percent of your body weight can make a big difference. And diabetes is only one of many serious diseases that can be prevented or managed with weight loss.

Eliot Joslin, often referred to as the father of diabetes treatment, once said, “Your genetics loads the cannon, and your lifestyle lights the fuse.” That means you can reduce your risk of complications despite your family history. You’ve taken a healthy first step by looking into your weight management options. We can help you take control of your diabetes and your health.

Sparrow Diabetes Services is recognized by the American Diabetes Association and uses a team approach to control your diabetes and avoid complications. Our comprehensive program includes evaluation, management, dietary counseling, education and support groups for adults.  Sparrow also offers Pediatric Diabetes Services for children.