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Cataract surgery: Does the artificial lens deteriorate over time?

I recently had cataract surgery. How long does the artificial lens last? Also, will my vision deteriorate over time?

Updated: 04-26-2011


In cataract surgery, the eye doctor (ophthalmologist) removes the clouded lens from your eye and replaces it with a clear, artificial lens. This lens is very durable and should last for the rest of your life.

Your vision after cataract surgery generally doesn't deteriorate over time. However, sometimes the lens capsule that holds the implant becomes cloudy. In such cases, the cloudy capsule can easily be treated with a laser to make it clear again.

Most people will require glasses after cataract surgery — either for close-up work, distance vision or both. If you currently wear glasses, your prescription will likely require a correction for close-up work after surgery.