The future of medicine is happening right here at Sparrow.

Patients at the Sparrow Heart and Vascular Center have access to voluntary, specialized clinical trials, which may improve their outcomes and lead to better treatments for patients everywhere. A team of dedicated registered nurses and physicians oversee and follow patients involved in the studies.

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are new and exciting treatments in which researchers are trying to establish better ways to treat heart disease in patients. If a new treatment proves effective, it may eventually become a new standard treatment that can help many patients. The Sparrow Institutional Review Board (IRB) provides oversight and review for all studies that are provided through the Sparrow Heart and Vascular Center.

Who can participate in clinical trials?

All studies have criteria for participation. One of our physicians or a research coordinator would be happy to discuss our current studies and criteria with you in depth.

What are the benefits of participating in clinical trials?

  • Specialized care from qualified doctors and other health professionals
  • Being part of establishing new standards of care for cardiovascular disease
  • First to benefit from new treatments

Other facts you should know

  • Participation is voluntary
  • Records of participation are kept confidential
  • In some cases, drugs for treatment are provided