The Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation was created in 1979 to improve healthcare services for Ionia County.  Sparrow Ionia Hospital and its Foundation are charitable not-for-profit, health organizations entrusted with the solemn duty of caring for every person that comes to our hospital.

Volunteerism and community support have always been vital to our program of care.  In fact, these were the very sources of our start in 1949.  Over 60 years ago, Ionia County residents pledged more than $500,000 to build a hospital that opened its doors in 1953.  

In 2015 we opened the newest hospital for the residents of Ionia County.  Projects, like building a hospital, are not easy without the cooperation of many dedicated partners. Thank you to everyone that made a donation to make this happen.  We are stronger because of the partnership with our not-for-profit parent, Sparrow Health System; however there is still a critical role for our community to play in healthcare for all.

Like the Ionia County residents of 1949, might we someday be able to look back and say something truly inspiring was taking place during this time, because we all stood together to support the incredible mission of caring for everyone in our community. An inspiring mission!

"We all have an obligation to be part of a legacy - of sharing dreams and changing our communities for the better.  To leave our children and grandchildren a legacy of commitment, of caring, of involvement, is the greatest legacy of all.  Supporting our hospital provides not only immediate benefits to our families and communities, but leaves a legacy of compassion and engagement that will enrich people's lives for years to come."
Daniel A. Balice, Sparrow Ionia Hospital Board Chair, Mayor, City of Ionia


If you are interested in learning more
about the Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation
or would like to make a donation,
please contact a member of the
Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation listed below or:

Lynn MacKenzie
Foundation Coordinator
3565 S. State Road, Ionia, Michigan  48846

Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation 2016-2017
Interim President - Tom Dickinson
Treasurer - Sandy Brands
Secretary - Ken McKee

Virgil Biggs
Jason Eppler
Doug Ferris
Mike Kirgis
Mike Lehman
Steve O'Mara
Sharon Page