Sparrow now uses iSparrow Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to enhance Patient safety, and quality care. From the moment a doctor orders a new medication, diagnostic test or procedure, the information will be handled electronically and be available almost immediately – in a safe and secure manner.

Other important benefits of iSparrow EMR include:

  • Caregivers have secure and immediate access to their Patients’ medical records, so the right information is available to the right caregiver – every Patient, every time.
  • Allergies and adverse drug reactions are prominently displayed.
  • Test results are sent directly to the Patient’s medical chart.
  • Prescriptions can be sent electronically to the pharmacy.
  • Patients will no longer need to repeat medical history, medication history and/or insurance information many times during a hospitalization.
  • Patients will have ONE electronic medical record that will follow their care.
  • Additionally, Patients’ personal medical information is protected in iSparrow EMR, and a variety of security measures have been implemented. The only individuals who have access to a Patient’s medical chart are those who must view it to provide care. In accordance with HIPAA guidelines, iSparrow EMR is regularly monitored for abnormal activity.

    iSparrow EMR is part of Sparrow’s commitment to transforming Patient care through the latest technology.