Functional Training When Pinched With Time
By Ryan Patterson
M.S. Michigan State University
Sparrow, Michigan Athletic Club

Most people have a difficult time with time management. In the fitness industry this is a common theme that many Personal Trainers see with many of their client base. Our day-to-day schedules get the best of this. I’m often asked, “How can I get a quality workout in with limited time”. My answer is simple, body weight exercises. These exercise recruit secondary muscle groups are focus on balance, the core, posture and stability.

For a fast 20-minute efficient workout try the following:

  • Body Weight or Jump Squats
  • Pushups
  • Body Weight Plank Rows
  • Static Plank
  • Lazy Burpee or Mountain Climber
  • Stationary or Walking Lunge

Do each of these exercises for 60-seconds three to five times through. I assure you this will elevate your heart rate and you will see results quickly with this type of training.

Of course, these all can also be modified. If you cannot do 60-seconds per exercise start with 20-30 seconds. Notice, repetitions are not of concern here, rather how much output one can perform in the amount of time.