“I play basketball regularly and knew that something wasn’t right,” said Matt Botsford.
Matt rushed to Sparrow. “My heart went to over 200 beats/minute and it would make me feel light headed,” said Botsford. “I live in Lansing and I’ve been in Lansing my whole life and Sparrow is where you always go. I had two choices. I could either have this procedure or I could try to battle it with medication.”

An ablation procedure fixed the dangerous “electrical” issues in Matt’s heart. His Sparrow Physician is the only one in mid-Michigan performing it. Thanks to Sparrow and Dr. Rhine, Matt can play again.

“Basketball is something that I wasn’t ready to give up. So I’m going to play as long as my body will let me,” said Botsford. “I choose Sparrow for my heart care.”

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