For the protection of our tiny patients, all visitors entering the NICU must follow the hand washing policy. Please put all personal belongings in the space located next to your baby's bedside and then go to the sink and "scrub in."

To respect the confidentiality of all patients and families, we ask families to leave the NICU:

  • between 7-8 a.m. and 7-8 p.m. to allow nursing staff to report to the next shift
  • if there are any emergencies or procedures that must be done on your baby or other babies in the room
  • between 8 a.m. and noon, parents-only visitation due to physician rounds

Otherwise, visitation is allowed 24 hours a day. We request that visitors other than parents visit after noon.

We allow only three people at the bedside at one time. This includes parents of multiple babies as well. Mom, dad, or the support person wearing a hospital ID bracelet must accompany family members wanting to visit. You will be asked to show a picture ID or your hospital ID bracelet. Information on the baby will only be given out to the mom, dad, or support person.

Telephones may not be used at the baby's bedside (exceptions are made for emergencies). There is a telephone in the available in the waiting area and cell phones are also allowed in the waiting area. There are also pay phones located in the hospital.