An ideal way to experience Pilates – small group instruction utilizing the full array of Pilates equipment. Train safely and effectively under the guidance of our Pilates professionals. A variety of formats are available for all fitness and ability levels. Space is limited, prior registration required. Minimum enrollment levels required for classes to run.

2016 Sessions

6-week sessions:
Feb.21-April 2
April 11-May 21
May 23-July 16 (no classes weeks of May 30 and July 4)
July 18-Aug.27

7-week sessions:
Sept. 12-Oct. 29
Oct. 31-Dec. 23 (no class the week of Nov. 21)

Barre Pilates

Combines the core strengthening of the Pilates tower with the athleticism and stamina building exercises of the ballet barre. Expect terrifically defined legs and glutes, along with great abs!

40+ Pilates

At last, a Pilates class for the active aging adult! Build your core – four abdominal layers- then watch your balance and posture improve. See those nagging back aches and muscle weaknesses disappear. Additional focus on Lower Back for Thursday class.

Pre/Postnatal Pilates

Experience one of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy, help with delivery and have a great post-baby body. Focus on delivery breathing techniques, strengthening the pelvic floor, and good posture during pregnancy by building back and abdominal strength. First through third trimester welcome.

Pilates for Men 

Get results from this cutting edge conditioning program for men endorsed by Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning. Pilates systematically addresses all muscle groups to increase core strength while improving flexibility.

Pilates for Seniors

Work on your balance, bone & body strength, and flexibility while having fun in the Pilates equipment room. A class dedicated to the challenges of active seniors! Join Kerry, who has extensive specialized training for Pilates for seniors, in a class to strengthen and tone your body with the intelligent exercise program of Pilates.

Pilates Rehab North:

Gain strength and recover from surgery in a safe environment.  Focusing on the upper body: neck, shoulders, and back, sessions will cover basic principles of core engagement and include homework exercises after each session.  Return to everyday tasks in the correct posture, position and loading/sequencing of muscle groups while improving core strength, balance, and flexibility.

Pilates Rehab South:

Focusing on the lower body: hips, knees, ankles and feet, range of motion as well as stabilization and mobilization will be emphasized on resistance equipment designed to strengthen the body in a risk free environment.  Core strength is developed to correct alignment and balance issues.