Name: Heather Hagan
Pilates Trainer: Hillary Henderson
Years Training: 6 years

After I had my first child, I felt as though I had lost my core muscles and noticed that I was slouching more from holding an infant. Pregnancy and motherhood had completely changed my focus and drained me of energy. I did not dedicate the time to myself and found it hard to get workouts in. After my third child, I committed myself to my workout and more importantly, Pilates. I alternate between mat classes and workouts in the studio. Pilates has helped me regain my range of motion, improve my posture and strengthen my entire body. My core has never been stronger, which helps me during my everyday activities and while taking care of my husband and children. Recently, I underwent two separate knee surgeries. With the approval of my doctor, I have continued to work with Hillary to help regain the strength and mobility within my knee. I love learning new ways to utilize the equipment and enjoy the range of classes that are offered. When I walk out of the studio, I feel rejuvenated – and sore – but I know that I have accomplished another amazing workout.