Experience the benefits of exercise in a variety of formats both during pregnancy and after delivery with the MAC’s team of instructors, specifically certified in pre/post natal fitness.

Current research on prenatal exercise provides evidence that women who exercise on a regular basis throughout pregnancy experience: Easier labor and faster recovery from birth, increased ability to cope with the discomforts of pregnancy and delivery as well as a more positive sense of well being.

Water Fitness

Exercise while supporting joints and ligaments against the stress of added weight gain. Relax and enjoy movement uninhibited - feel weightless for one hour a day! Post delivery, water is a comfortable environment to reduce the added back pain that may result from the demands of delivery, and the effects of poor posture while lifting, carrying and breastfeeding your new baby. Water naturally massages away stress, aches and pain, while offering a versatile environment to regain fitness.


Learn specific yoga postures and stretches that focus on gentle movements and breathing. Poses will help relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy, from morning sickness to early labor pains. Breathing techniques and pelvic floor exercises to assist during labor and delivery will be stressed.


Class will focus on delivery breathing techniques, strengthening the pelvic floor, and maintaining good posture during pregnancy by building back and abdominal strength. Feel good during pregnancy, help with delivery and have a great post-baby body. First through third trimester welcome.

Contact Melissa Morelli, group exercise manager, at 364-8870 for pricing, session dates and class times.

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