At Sparrow, the needs of our Patients always come first.  Our mission is to improve the health of the people in our communities by providing quality, compassionate care to everyone, every time.

With healthcare reform, increasing copays and deductibles, insurance plans encouraging low cost options, and increased focus on healthcare costs, consumers want more information on healthcare prices.   We are committed to supporting healthcare price transparency by providing you with information you need to understand the costs of care and make informed decisions.

Hospital prices are established based on several factors. First, the direct cost of the staff, the supply, the drug, or the equipment for that particular service or item. Second, a markup is added to each price to account for the administrative expenses involved in operating a large hospital. These include expenses for technology, registration and billing, regulatory compliance, building and facility expenses, housekeeping, food and nutrition, and many others.

Currently, we are providing pricing information online for several common Laboratory and Radiology procedures. Additional service areas are being added regularly. To learn more about pricing for procedures not listed below, or to speak to a Financial Assistance Specialist, call 517.364.6060.The figures listed below represent pricing and payment for common procedures, including:

Sparrow Price: This is our standard charge for services prior to insurance contract discounts.

Medicare/Medicaid Reimbursement: This is the approximate payment received from Medicare and Medicare HMO plans.

Average Commercial Insurance Reimbursement: This is the average payment received from major commercial healthplans such as Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, PHP, etc.

Average Uninsured Reimbursement: This is the payment requested from uninsured individuals. Additional discounts are available to those meeting certain income requirements.

These prices are for Sparrow Hospital only and do not include physician’s fees from a surgeon, pathologist, anesthesiologist or radiologist.

Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

Click the links below for detailed pricing information for many common procedures at Sparrow. 

Emergency Department



Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy


Anyone seeking care at Sparrow not covered by insurance or who cannot afford their deductible or coinsurance amounts can access our Community Financial Aid program. In 2012, Sparrow provided more than $34 million in charity care and uncollectible accounts.