Currently Enrolling Studies:
Dates  Study  PI Evaluating 
2012-present Accent MRI Thakur Study of MRI compatible pacemaker
2012-present Alerts Dhar Study of device with ST monitoring to detect ACS events
2012-present Analyze ST Thakur Study of ICD with ST monitoring to detect ACS events
2012-present Canopy Cohn Carotid Stent registry
2012-present Gloria AF Ip Registry of Afib patients
2012-present PPP Ip Post market study of all sponsors leads & CRM devices
2012-present Quad PAS Ip Post market lead study
2012-present Reduce It Strobl Study of a drug to reduce cardiovascular events in patients with hypertriglyceridemia and cardiovascular disease or at high risk for cardiovascular disease
2012-present Warfarin Ip Genetic test to determine new Warfarin dosing
2011-present Ablate AF Gandhi Atrial fibrillation ablation catheters
2011-present Bioflex 1 Cohn Peripheral stent study
2011-present Citadel/Centurion Thakur Post market study of anti-bacterial envelope for ICD & BiV generator replacements
2010-present Echo CRT Ip A study of Echo guided cardiac resynchronization therapy
2010-present Quickflex PAS Ip Post market ICD lead study
2009-present Celestial Ip BiV & ICD post market FDA required lead study
2008-present Impact Ip Home monitoring of Afib & use of Warfarin

Closed to Enrollment but still following:
Dates   Study PI  Evaluating 
2011-present  Ion  Cho  Registry of a coronary stent
2011-present  PRT 201  Duda  Study drug to keep Arteriovenous Fistula open in chronic kidney disease
2010-present  Orbit AF  Ip  Registry of Afib patients
2009-present  Liberte  Cohn  Dual antiplatelet therapy post Taxus Liberte implant
2009-present  Shockless  Ip  Post market ICD & BiV study
2009-present  SJ4  Ip  Study of SJ4 connector & RV high voltage in ICD & CRT
2008-present  Implanted Loop  Ip  Loop recorder post Afib ablation
2007-present  Cuff  Collar/Duda  New graft add on for AAA
2007-present  Elite  Cohn  New drug eluting stent
2006-present  Madit CRT  Thakur  Prophylactic BiV vs. ICD to decrease mortality & HF events

Completed Trials:
Study Name Physician 
Dates Evaluated 
6944 ICD Lead  Ip 1998-2001 A phase I study of new Medtronic ICD lead
A COMET1/A STAR  Ip 2000-2002 To assess efficacy of daily oral azim2HCI vs placebo in treating or preventing Afib
ABCD  Ip 2001-2003 A prospective multi-center study to determine the effectiveness of TWA in predicting VT events in patients with ischemic disease and NSVT
Ablate  Gandhi 2009-2012 Atrial fibrillation ablation catheters
ACT  Ip 2005-2008 BiV ICD registry
Act I/Scene II  Ip 2003-2004 A placebo controlled study of RSD 1235 in subjects with Afib or Aflutter
Act II  Ip 2004 A placebo controlled study of RSD 1235 in subjects with Afib or Aflutter in p CABG
Act III  Ip 2004-2007 A placebo controlled study of RSD 1235 in subjects with Afib or Aflutter
Act IV  Ip 2005-2007 Open label study of RSD 1235 in subjects with Afib or Aflutter
Act V  Ip 2009-2011 Drug for new onset Afib
ACUITY  Cohn 2004-2007 A study of Angiomax vs. heparin in PCI for ACS w/o ST seg elevation
ACUTE II  Markarian 1997-2002 A randomized trial to investigate a TEE guided approach to anti-coagulation management to decrease incidence of embolization after cardioversion
Admire HF  Melvin 2005-2009 Eval of I123mibg sintigraphy in assessing myocardial sympathetic innervation in subjects with heart failure
High enrolling site
 Ip 1998-2002 A randomized trial to evaluate new pacemaker algorithm for over-drive pacing for prevention of Afib
Aegis Model 2600  Thakur 1996-1998 A study of the safety and efficacy of the Aegis Model 2600
AF CHF  Ip 2001-2007 To compare therapeutic strategy to restore and maintain sinus rhythm in patients with CHF and AF vs. a strategy of rate control alone
Amiodarone Aqueous I.V.  Cheng 2000-2002 A comparison of the incidence of hypotension with 2 formulations of IV Amiodarone: Cordarone IV vs. Aqueous Amiodarone IV injection
AMIOVIRT  Thakur 1997-2002 A randomized trial for patients with NSVT and non-ischemic myopathy randomized to Amiodarone or ICD
APL Poly  Thakur 2005-2007 A study of the Siteline 2 pacemaker lead
APLAUD  D'Haem 1997-2000 A study to assess safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics & effect on platelet aggrefation of a dose range of SB 214857 with aspirin in patients with MI, unstable angina, TIA or stoke
Appraise 2  Wilcox 2009-2011 Drug addon for ACS
Aristotle  Ip 2007-2011 New drug vs. Warfarin in patients with Afib
ARRIVE 2  D'Haem 2005-2008 A registry for Taxus drug eluting stents
ASCEND HF  James 2007-2008 A study of Nesteritide in Decompensated Heart Failure
ASPIRE2  Cohn 1997-2003 To evaluate the safety and efficacy of renal artery stenting compared to balloon angioplasty alone
Assess AF  Ip 2011 Post market study of loop recorder monitoring of Afib post ablation
ASSESS HF  James 2005-2006 A study of CHF physician use of Carelink data
ASSURE  Cheng 2001-2002 To diagnose recurrent, unexplained syncope using the Reveal Plus ILR compared with conventional strategies
Astaxanthin  Helble 2000-2002 Astaxanthin supplementation and potential reduction of C-reactive protein levels
AVE S7 Stent Registry  Sharif 2002-2003 A post market study of Medtronic AVE S7 with discrete technology coronary stent
AWARE  Ip 2005-2006 Analysis of AT/AF detection in dual chamber pmkrs
BH88  Strobl 1999-2000 To test the Ensure diagnostic concept for predicting an individual's cholesterol responsiveness to diet therapy.
Bradycare  Thakur 2010-2012 Post market pacemaker study
Bravo  D'Haem 1999-2002 A study to compare the incidence of clinical events in patients receiving lotrafiban or placebo combined w/aspirin
Cadillac  D'Haem 1997-2001 To compare clinical outcomes between the ACS RX Multilink stent to ptca when used within 12 hours of acute MI
Capture 2  Cohn 2006-2009 Carotid stent registry
Champion PCI  Cohn 2006-2009 Drug vs. clopidogrel in PCI
Champion Platform  Cohn 2006-2009 Drug vs. clopidogrel in PCI
CHARM  James 1999-2003 Candesartan in Heart Failure-Assessment of reduction in mortality and morbidity
Choice  Cohn 2009-2012 Carotid Stent Registry
Clear  Ip 2007-2011 Study of pacemaker rate changes
COMMA  D'Haem 2001-2002 A trial of two IV dosing regimens of h5G1.1-scFv in patients with acute MI undergoing PTCA
Cook Balloon  Berkompas 1998-1999 A study of the new MBC balloon dilatation catheters
Copernicus  James 1998-2001 A trial to determine the effect of carvedilol on mortality in patients with severe chronic heart failure
Corinthian  Cohn 1999-2001 To evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Cordis Palmaz Corinthian stent in iliac patients after suboptimal PTA
CoStar II  Cho 2005-2011 Conor DES vs. Taxus
CPI Pace/Sense Acute Study Device  Ip 1995-1997 A study of the pacing & sensing capabilities of PS-ASD devices
CRAFT Highest enroll US  Ip 2001-2002 A trial of the tolerance & efficacy of RSD1235 in patients with recent onset Afib
CREDO  D'Haem 1999-2002 A double-blind randomized trial of clopidogrel & aspirin for the prevention of vascular events and mortality in patients undergoing coronary intervention
CRUSADE  Sharif 2002-2003 A QI study of risk stratification of unstable angina to suppress adverse outcomes with early implementation of ACC/AHA guidelines
Current/Promote Automaticity  Ip 2008-2010 New features in ICDs & BiV ICDs
Dal Outcomes  Wilcox 2009-2012 Drug for recent ACS
DeCode  Thakur 2007-2008 A study of home monitoring of BP, weight and BiV ICD
DeFeat PE  Ip 2009-2012 Detect fluid early from intra thoracic impedance monitoring
DEFINITE  Thakur 2000-2003 Defibrillators in non-ischemic cardiomyopathy treatment evaluation
DIARY  Thakur 2004-2005 A study of CHF events in patients with BiV ICDs
Highest Enrolling
 Cheng 2001 Outpatient intravenous drug for treatment of narrow QRS complex tachycardia or atrial fibrillation/flutter
DTI-0009 Phase 2  Cheng 2001-2002 A randomized, dose response trial of IV DTI-0009 for ventricular rate control in adult patients with Afib
EARLY ACS  D'Haem 2004-2007 A study of eptifibatide in non ST elevation ACS
EGM Width  Ip 1997-1999 A evaluation of changes in EGM width over time and with changes in body position
ENPULSE  Ip 2003-2004 An evaluation of the accuracy of the atrial capture management feature and overall system performance of the Enpulse series pacemaker
Epic II PAS  Ip 2006-2007 A study of patient notifier feature of ICD
ESP Registry  James 2008-2011 Registry of heart failure patients
ESSENTIAL  James 2001-2005 A trial of oral Enoximone vs. placebo in advanced chronic heart failure subjects
EZ Path  Strobl 2006-2007 Exetimibe added to statin in high risk subjects
Freedom  Castellani 2006-2009 AV op echo vs. Quick op for BiV ICDs
FSR  Ip 2006-2007 Study of new pacemaker lead
FUSION II  James 2004-2007 A study comparing serial Natecor infusions vs. placebo for Class III & IV CHF
GAMMA  Ip 2005-2007 Study of new drug for ventricular tachycardia
HAT  Ip 2002-2007 A study of the use of home AED vs. CPR
Hestia  Ip 2010-2012 Drug for Afib
High Frequency Stimulation  Ip 1997-2000 To determine if high frequency stimulation induced cardioversion is possible by prolonging the afib cycle lengths in patients w/persistent Afib treated w/propfanone
ICD Septal Lead  Ip 1999-2001 A study to show if defibrillation thresholds can be reduced by placing the RV coil along the interventricular septum
IMPACT  Strobl 2002 A study of the impact of medical specialty on patient compliance to treatment
INSYNC Registry  Ip 2002-2011 A post market study of InSync devices
Internal Cardioversion  Ip 1997-2000 A study of intracardiac defibrillation in patients with Afib who failed conventional transthoracic cardioversion
ITI Iliac Stent  Berkompas 1999-2005 A randomized trial of Intratherapeutic's iliac stent for iliac artery occlusion/Suboptimal angioplasty
IV Amiodarone  Ip 1993-2000 An open label safety study of Intravenous Amiodarone HCI in patients with life threatening ventricular tachycardia/fibrillation
JUMBO  Berkompas 2003-2004 A study to evaluate a new oral antiplatelet agent in PCI with stent
LINK  Ip 2006-2008 Study of new ICD lead
MBG313  Melvin 2005-2009 Follow up study for patients enrolled in Admire HF
MedHall Outcomes  Fabaz 2000-2003 Influence of prosthetic valve type and orientation on clinical and hemodynamic outcome after aortic valve replacement
Microny/Regency  Ip 1997-2001 To evaluate the safety and efficacy of the Microny SR+ & Regency SR+ pacemakers when used in combination with Tendril DX or passive plus DX leads
MIST  Cohn 2000-2001 A comparison of two stents in de novo or restenotic iliac arteries with suboptimal PTA
Model 1242T & 1246T Endocardial Pacing Leads  Thakur 1995-1997 A study of Pacesetter passive plus bipolar, endocardial pacing leads
Model 7218 ICD  Thakur 1995-1999 A study of the safety & effectiveness of Medtronic Model SPI system used in the detection & treatment of VT & VF
Models 7217B & 7219E PCDs with Endotak 60  Ip 1994-1996 A study of the safety and effectiveness of ENDOTAK 60 series lead system (JEWEL) in detecting & treating VT & VF
MUSTT  Ip 1993-1998 Multicenter Unsustained Tachycardia Trial
NAPA  Holden 2005-2006 Study of Natrecor in CABG
Napa 3  Collar 2006-2007 Alfimeprase in acute peripheral arterial occlusion
Natural Hx of Afib Highest Enrolling  Ip 2000-2003 A prospective, randomized, parallel group, single blinded study of patients w/Afib, no cardioversion and a need for a dual chamber pacemaker
Navi Star Thermo Cool  Cheng 2001-2003 Evaluation of the Navi Star Thermo Cool Catheter w/Stockert 70 radiofrequency generator for endocardial ablation in patients w/a flutter
Octave  Strobl 2000-2002 A comparison of omapatrilat vs. enalapril for hypertension
OM8  Ip 2007-2009 A study of drug for Afib
Open Label Carvedilol  James 2000-2001 A open label study of Carvedilol in patients that participated in the Copernicus study
OPTION  Ip 2004-2007 A study of the Biotronik biventricular ICD
OPUS 1  D'Haem 1996-2000 A study to compare clinical restenois rates, quality of life & costs in patients treated with "optimal" PTCA with stent only when necessary vs. routine stent use
OriginEP  Cheng 2000-2001 A study to assess the practical feasibility of the noninvasive OriginEP multi-electrode ECG mapping system in recording single beats
PAIRED  Ip 2005-2007 Paroxysmal Afib Incidence Reporting with Early Detection Study
PAS  Ip 2005-2009 A registry for St. Jude BiV ICDs
Pascal  Ip 2006-2008 New drug vs. placebo in patients with paroxysmal AF and pacemaker with AF data logging capabilities
Plato  Cohn 2007-2009 Drug vs. clopidogrel in ACS
PREVENT IV  Roth 2002-2005 A Phase III study to compare CGT003 (an EF2 decoy) to placebo in CABG patients to inhibit neointima formation to prevent atherosclerosis in vein grafts
Prevent V  Duda 2004-2005 A study of E2F Decoy in hemodialysis grafts
PRIMO CABG  Holden 2002-2003 A trial of Pexelizumab total mortality & MI in patients undergoing CABG
PRIMO CABG II  Holden 2004-2006 A study of drug vs. placebo for patients undergoing CABG
Prince  Strobl 2000-2002 A study of the effect of pravastatin on plasma levels of C reactive protein (hs-CRP) in primary and secondary prevention
Promote Q  Ip 2009-2012 Study of new ICD lead
Prophylaxis w/Sotalol  Ip 1996-1998 A study to evaluate the efficacy of Sotalol in preventing post operative Afib/Aflutter in the cardiac surgery patient.  It also assessed the SAECG as a predictor
PROTEGE  Berkompas 2001-2006 A trial of the protege self expanding nitinol stent in iliac artery disease
Protocol 24  Strobl 2006-2007 Study of statin with niacin
PROVE  Ip 2005-2007 Programming VT therapy in ICD
PROVE-IT  Strobl 2000-2003 A double-blind, randomized trial for patients who have experienced an acute coronary syndrome to compare two statin drugs and examine the role of infection
Provide  Ip 2009-2011 Study of ICD programming for primary prevention to prolong time to first shock
PURSUIT  D'Haem 1996-2002 A study of 2 dosing regimens of Integrelin vs. placebo for reducing mortality & MI in patients with unstable angina or Non Q wave MI
Quickflex  Ip 2008-2010 New ICD pacing lead
Red Cabg  Collar 2009-2010 Drug used in CABG
RED HF  James 2006-2007 Darbepoetin for anemia in CHF
REOMI  D'Haem 1997-2002 A study of the effect of Glycoprotien 11b/111a inhibition without thrombolytic therapy on reperfusion in acute MI
Replace  Cohn 2000-2004 A study of angiomax in percutaneous coronary intervention to reduce clinical events
REPLACE2  Cohn 2001-2003 A study of angiomax in percutaneous coronary intervention to reduce clinical events
Response HF  Ip 2005-2007 Response of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy w/V-V timing for St. Jude BiV ICDs
RESTORE  Berkompas 2001-2005 To demonstrate the ITI renal stent is safe & effective for treating renovascular htn caused by renal artery stenosis or occlusion
RESTORE IT  Collar 2006-2007 A study of antibiotic for carotid stenosis
Retavase  Veenendaal 1997-1998 A study of prehospital use of the thrombolytic Retavase
RETHINQ  Ip 2005-2007 Study of narrow QRS in CRT Therapy
Revive  Berkompas 1998-2000 A non-randomized evaluation of the ACS multi-link duet coronary stent system in saphenous vein grafts
RHYTHM  Ip 2002-2005 Resynchronization for Hemodynamic Treatment for Heart Failure Management
Highest enrolling
 Ip 1999-2002 A study to show reduced incidence & duration of AF/AT with the Jewel AF Dual Chamber AMD
Rocket AF  Ip 2008-2010 Drug vs. Warfarin for Afib
RVA vs. RVOT  Ip 2000-2002 A comparison of exercise capacity in patients with pacing leads in the right ventricular apex vs. the right ventricular outflow tract
SAFARI  Ip 2002-2007 A study to evaluate the safety & efficacy of the Selection Model 9000 application in patients who are currently indicated for a dual chamber pacemaker
Highest enrolling
 Ip 1998-2003 A randomized study of effectiveness of Amiodarone (or placebo) vs. defibrillator in reducing SCD in HF
Scdheft 10 yr.  Ip 2010-2012 Ten year followup on original Scdheft subjects
SOAR  Cohn 1999-2003 A non-randomized, prospective, multi-center, consecutive registry of sub-optimal renal angioplasty
SPIDER  Berkompas 2004-2005 A study of the Spider distal protection device for PCI in SVG
Spirit IV  D'Haem 2006-2012 New drug eluting stent
Sponge  Collar 2007-2009 Antibiotic sponge to prevent cardiac sternal wound infections
Enrolled Maximum
 James 2002-2003 A multi-center, prospective, observational heart failure study
STELLAR  D'Haem 2003-2006 A registry for Cypher drug eluting stents
Subpectoral Implantation of ICD  Ip 1992-1997 A study of a non-epicardial ICD using transvenous lead & submuscular patch in life threatening arrthythmias
Sudden Cardiac Death Athletic Screening  Cheng 2000-2002 Can a hospital based screening program identify athletes at risk for sudden cardiac death
Suport  Berkompas 1999-2002 A study to compare Scimed NIR stent vs. ACS Multilink Duet
SYMPHONY  D'Haem 1997-2001 An aspirin controlled trial to evaluate sibrafiban, an oral platelet glycoprotein 11b/111a antagonist, as therapy for the prevention of secondary vascular events in ACS
SYNERGY  D'Haem 2001-2004 A trial to compare low molecular weight heparin, enoxaparin vs. unfractionated heparin in high risk patients with non ST elevation acute coronary syndromes
Tendril DX Endocardial lead  Thakur 1995-2000 A study of the safety & efficacy of the Tendril DX model 1388T steroid eluting screw in pacing lead
TOVA  Thakur 2000-2003 Study of ICD patients to gain insight into triggering of potentially lethal arrthymias
TP 10  Collar 2000-2002 A phase II study to address the negative effects of complement activation during and following coronary artery bypass surgery
TP10-002  Collar 2004-2006 A study of TP10 in women undergoing CABG
TRIAGE  Ip 2006-2008 A study of home monitoring of BP, weight & BiV ICD
Trilogy DR+ Models 2360L & 2364L  Thakur 1995-1996 A study to evaluate the operation,k safety & efficacy of the Trilogy DR+ pulse generator in patients requiring dual chamber, rate responsive pacemakers for bradycardia
Trilogy SR+ Models 2260L & 2264L  Thakur 1995-1997 A study to evaluate the Trilogy SR+ pulse generator in patients requiring an implanted, single chamber, rate responsive pacemaker for bradycardia
TRUMPET  Strobl 1998-1999 A phase IV study of the lipid changes in patients treated with Tricor
TRUST  Ip 2005-2009 Study of wireless home monitoring of ICD
Ultra Revive  Berkompas 1999-2001 A study of the ACS Multi Link Ultra coronary stent in patients with saphenous graft & de novo native lesions
VALIANT  D'Haem 1998-2003 A comparison of efficacy & safety of long term treatment with valsartan, catopril & their combination in high risk patients after MI
VALOR  Markarian 2002-2004 A study comparing the renal effects of Visipague vs. Optiray for creatinine levels in subjects undergoing coronary angiography/PCI
VASCUCOIL  Cohn 1997-2003 To clinical investigation of the Vascucoil self expanding peripheral stent
Vascular Wrap  Duda 2007-2010 Drug infused wrap for vascular graft access
Ventak Prx III HC AICD  Thakur 1995-1996 A study of the safety & efficacy of a Ventak PRx with the pulse generator can being an active electrode (hot can) vs. non-active can (cold can)
VIBRANT  Ip 2003-2006 A registry study of Vitatron dual chamber pacemakers.
VICTORY  Ip 2005-2007 Study of autocapture in dual chamber pacemaker
VIGOR SR  Thakur 1994-1995 A study of the safety and efficacy of the CPI single chamber VIGOR SR pulse generator, Models 1130 & 1135 & the associated software module Model 2075
WCD  Ip 2000-2001 Study of the safety and effectiveness of the Wearable Cardioverter Device in transplant, complicated post MI and complicated coronary bypass patients
Women take Pride  Strobl 1999-2003 Effects of Heart Disease Education on Older Women