We were the first comprehensive stroke center in Michigan and have been recognized as a Gold Plus Performer by the American Stroke Association’s Get With The Guidelines®-Stroke program. 

Our dedicated team of experts, rapid response, regional training, and follow-up care make Sparrow your only choice for stroke care.

Rapid Treatment, FAST Importance

Sparrow is recognized as one of the nation’s fastest hospitals for delivering tPA (tissue plasminogen activator), a powerful treatment that can stop a stroke when given shortly after the onset of symptoms. Use FAST to remember the stroke warning signs.

Innovative Technology

In partnership with MSU, Sparrow has helped pioneer lifesaving technology that restores blood flow to the brain. Sparrow’s dedicated team of specialists use state of the art techniques to treat stroke, from clot busting drugs to innovative practices to save as much brain function as possible.


Quality Follow-Up Care

The Transitional Stroke Clinic offered through Sparrow and the stroke clinic on MSU’s campus provide recovering stroke Patients high quality follow-up care long after hospital discharge. To contact them please call 517.253.2020.