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Heart and Vascular Assessment

It could be your mother. It could be your father. It could be your child. It could be your best friend. More than 60 million Americans have some form of heart and vascular disease.

Take Sparrow's free online heart risk assessment, where you will answer simple questions about your health, lifestyle and family history. At the end, you will be provided with a summary of your results, highlighting your key risk factors and helping you understand what you can do to improve your cardiovascular health.

If the online assessment determines that you are at high or critical risk for cardiovascular disease, we encourage you to visit the Sparrow Heart and Vascular Center to receive your free heart consult with a registered nurse. A nurse will obtain your medical history, blood pressure, height, weight, body mass index and cholesterol levels. The nurse will then lead you through the online assessment tool and discuss your results with you. The entire screening takes only about 20 minutes.

If you are at risk for cardiovascular disease, we will encourage you to take your printed summary to your primary care physician and discuss your cardiovascular health. If you do not have a primary care physician, we will help you find one who matches your needs. Schedule your appointment today by calling 517.36Heart (517.364.3278).

Peripheral Vascular Assessment

Do you have pain or weakness in your legs that you can't explain? You may have Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD). Peripheral Vascular Disease occurs when there is a build-up of cholesterol and plaque in the arteries of the lower extremities, causing decreased blood flow to the legs and feet. People with PVD have a four to five times higher risk of heart attack or stroke. It can even lead to gangrene and amputation.

Sparrow offers a free and simple screening to help you identify and manage risk factors related to heart and vascular disease. Take our peripheral vascular disease online risk assessment, or call 517.36Heart (364.3278). A few minutes can save your life. This assessment, which takes only about 7 minutes, will help you to assess your vascular health.

If you are determined to be at-risk for peripheral vascular disease, you will be eligible for a free consult with a registered nurse at Sparrow. You will lie back on a table as a nurse wraps blood pressure cuffs around your arms, thighs, calves, ankles and big toes. The blood pressure reading in your arms will then be compared to the pressure and wave forms in your legs, ankles, and toes to determine whether you have PVD. This simple, non-invasive screening takes about 45 minutes – time that can save your life.

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