Water Fitness

Our aquatics fitness program offers more than 45 classes per week included with membership. The program's goal is to assist our clients in achieving the most effective and injury free exercise results through low impact training. See this week's schedule here

Aqua Boost (A)(S) (New Class)
This class integrates cardio, interval and strength training, balance, Pilates and dance. this integrated aquatic program will "Boost" your emergy, metabolism and strength! 

Aqua Flex(A)(S) (Formerly Strength & Stretch)
Use waters natural resistance through a series of strength and stability exercises to help build strength and work on lengthening muscles with varied exercises and stretches in waters natural element.

Aqua Stride (A)(S) (Formerly Water Walking)
This class uses walking through water, with varied strides, to increase strength, endurance, balance and coordination. Feel the difference.

Aqua Zumba (A)(S)
Take your Zumba fitness to the water! An awesome workout, this 60 minute class will get your heart rate up and have you moving non-stop but with the same support and cushion water fitness provides your body, no impact on the joints. Appropriate for all age levels. Offered Twice weekly!

Go With The Flow (A)(S) (Formerly Water Works)
A water workout tailored to the participants in the class. Based on class attendance the class will provide multiple levels of intensity and exercise modifications for levels 1-3 for an overall total body water workout for everyone!    

H2O Fit (A)(S) (Formerly Splash)
Try this intense class that uses water resistance, cardio exercises and Pilates in shallow and deep water to enhance abdominal stability, increase aerobic endurance and tone muscles This fast paced, high energy class also involves circuits to improve strength and conditioning, stamina, power and speed. Build muscle strength and burn fat! Members Only.

Master Swim
A program open to all adult swimmers (fitness, triathlete, competitive, non-competitive) who are dedicated to improving their fitness through swimming. Members only. 

MS Classes (A)(S)
A Multiple Sclerosis Society Aquatic Program. Class consists of strengthening and endurance activities (if tolerated). Pool lift available. We offer classes three times a week, specifically tailored for those with MS, conducted by MS specific Water Fitness instructors and held in a cooler temperature pool. Chair lift is available to participants who require assistance in and out of the water. Doctor’s note and release required. For more information please contact the Concierge at 517.364.8800.

Water Works Arthritis (A)(S)

Our specially trained staff can assist you with arthritis symptoms, range of motion, cardiovascular fitness and increasing muscle strength. This low impact workout focuses on flexibility and posture through non-rebounding cardiovascular exercise.

Weight Management (A)(S)
Utilizes intervals to increase lean muscle mass. A strengthening segment using resistance paddles is used for upper body and core training.