Sparrow. Mayo Clinic. And You

Shared values of quality care, positive Patient experiences and cost-efficient health care led to Sparrow being the first health system in Michigan and one of the first five in the country to be selected to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

The collaborative relationship is another way Sparrow continues to find innovating ways to deliver the finest health care to you.

The ability to connect with Mayo Clinic Physicians and share best practices are among the benefits of being a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. Here are some of the ways Sparrow Physicians are connected with the resources of the Mayo Clinic:

  • eConsults: Sparrow Caregivers can connect electronically with Mayo specialists to ask questions about a Patient’s care, at no additional cost to the Patient.
  • AskMayoExpert: This online tool gives Sparrow Caregivers access to Mayo-vetted information, including disease management protocols, care guidelines, treatment recommendations and reference materials.
  • eTumor Board Conferences: Sparrow Caregivers can participate in live, interactive videoconferences where Mayo multidisciplinary teams and network members discuss management of current cancer cases.

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A Wealth of Knowledge is Just a Click Away

Being a part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network allows us to provide you with direct online access to the vast Mayo Clinic Health Library. The library provides extensive research, clinical care and educational resources for Patients as well as Physicians.