Personalized Program

We will design a program specifically for you that is appropriate for your weight loss level.

Medical monitoring by physicians, physician assistants, and nurses may be scheduled. Average weekly weight loss will depend on your program plan and specific health issues.

Program Commitment and Attendance

Your success is directly related to regular participation in group sessions. Research demonstrates that people who participate in groups are more successful in their weight loss efforts than people who do not. Regular attendance is expected.  Please contact the Sparrow Weight Management Center for current dates/times of our group sessions.  Scheduling of group sessions are subject to change.

Individual Consultations

One-on-one appointments with a behaviorist, exercise specialist. nurse, or dietitian are scheduled on a regular basis based upon your personal needs and preferences.

Exercise Classes

Joining an exercise class provides an opportunity to learn safe fun ways to add physical activity to your daily schedule. Cardiovascular and resistance exercise are strongly encouraged. Current options include resistance bands, chair exercises, circuit training and walking groups. Classes affiliated with the Michigan Athletic Club are also available.

Body Composition & Metabolism Testing

A healthy weight is determined by more than a number on a scale. The amount of body fat you carry above the recommended range for your age and sex can increase your health risks.

A body composition test using Bioelectrical Impedance (BEI) provides your percentage of body fat and body lean (bone, muscles, organs and fluid). In addition, BEI testing can help you determine which program is best for you.

Body Gem™ is a handheld device that measures resting metabolism through collection of exhaled carbon dioxide. This provides the number of calories you burn at rest each day which helps determine your appropriate caloric intake for weight loss or gain.