Updated information on COVID-19 and Flu: Restricted visitation is now in effect

A Respiratory Therapist at Sparrow Specialty Hospital, Lynn Brown’s greatest reward is weaning Patients off ventilators and “giving them their voices back.”  “Some haven’t spoken in a month or two,” she says, “and usually their first words are to tell family members they love them.” Nominating Lynn for this month’s Caregiver Spotlight honor, Speech Therapist Kezia McAllister wrote: “Lynn is the consummate professional …  She goes above and beyond to provide information which could aid other Caregivers … She encourages our Patients. She helps them laugh in difficult times … and is a great team member … She was recently recognized by the Rehab Team on SSH for precisely these efforts along with her positive attitude …” That positive attitude, Lynn says, is largely a result of her co workers, whom she refers to as her “work family.” “I seriously enjoy my work,” she says, “because I’m always eager to see how our Patients are doing and because of the people I work with.”

Lynn Brown