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Tuesday, June 16, 2020 - With love from South Korea, teen delivers heartfelt message to Sparrow caregivers

LANSING, MI – A teenager’s heartfelt message from South Korea reflects the level and impact of Sparrow care.

Alyssa Han, 13, was born at Sparrow at 27 weeks and grew to be healthy and strong thanks to our Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Alyssa, whose father was a Michigan State University student when she was born, wanted to support our caregivers at a time when the country is going through the pandemic and turmoil so she created a video message.

“When these events happen, I think we should be more respectful of each other and always have a thankful heart in mind,” Alyssa said.

As part of repaying the caregivers, Alyssa also included a duet on her violin with her teacher.

Her experience at Sparrow had such an impact on Alyssa that she wants to become a physician and one day hopes to revisit the hospital to thank all of her caregivers.

Thanks, Alyssa, for taking time to think of Sparrow from halfway around the world.

Here’s the video:


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