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Monday, February 9, 2015 - Sparrow honored for improvements in care quality and efficiency

Sparrow has received nationwide recognition — receiving the Transformation Award in Value Based Care by the Advisory Board — for innovative, patient-centered initiatives that improve care quality and the health of the community while lowering costs.

“This award recognizes the steps we’ve taken this last year to launch the Sparrow Care Network (SCN), a 500+ physician clinically integrated network led by physicians driving the care transformation efforts,” says Harman Nagler, M.D., MHSA.

“When Sparrow, independent Physicians, and those employed by the health system work collaboratively to emphasize and reward value, our Patients receive higher quality, better coordinated, and more efficient services across care settings. Simply put, it means the best possible care at the lowest possible cost.”

The Sparrow Care Network has established more than 140 quality initiatives upon which to manage the performance of the organization.

“As health care adopts elements of true consumerism—with increasingly cost-sensitive patients making their own care decisions—providers are finding that quality and consistency of care are significant competitive advantages,” said John Deane, President, Advisory Board Consulting and Management.

The Advisory Board also awarded UCLA Health System in California with a Transformation Award in Physician Practice Management and Memorial Health System in Ohio with a Transformation Award in Hospital Performance Management.

For more information on the Sparrow Care Network, visit Sparrow.org/ClinicalIntegration.

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