Lower Back Pain Treatment hero image

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Do You or a Family Member Experience Low Back Pain?

The Sparrow Pain Management Center can help! The center’s advanced practice providers and physicians will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan to address your specific pain. 

Do you:

  • Have difficulty participating in your daily life?
  • Do you wake up in the morning with pain in your lower back?
  • Do you find bending over to pick objects up difficult?
  • Do you experience pain when driving in a car for long periods of time?
  • Do you have difficulty carrying objects?
  • Have you been diagnosed with chronic lower back pain?

Low Back Pain Treatment

At your first appointment you will be evaluated and participate in creating your treatment plan. A multi-disciplinary team will work with you throughout your entire treatment plan to help relieve your low back pain.

Benefits of the program:

  • Increase your participation in your daily life.
  • Decrease your pain throughout your day.
  • Decrease the amount of medications that you are prescribed.
  • Improve your outlook on life.

A physician referral to the program is needed for treatment. If you think that we can help, please have your physician fax a referral to 517.364.5335