Eaton Rapids Woman Saved by Sparrow After Suffering Stroke

It was a shock of a lifetime for Tiffany Brunner of Eaton Rapids when she suffered a stroke in December 2022 at age 34. When minutes mattered most, the mom of two was rushed to Sparrow and the region’s only Comprehensive Stroke Center for leading-edge care. 

“I was able to pretty much gain my whole left side back, and I'm just very grateful for Dr. Anmar Razak.” 

Cardiologists from Sparrow TCI later discovered a hole in Tiffany’s heart, causing the stroke.

She now credits Sparrow’s highly skilled team of surgeons, nurses, and therapists for saving her life. 

To learn more about stroke care at Sparrow or the warning signs of a stroke, visit Sparrow.Org/Stroke.