Incident highlights Sparrow, Hayes Green Beach partnership

Published: Sept. 9, 2015

Jamie Sleight of Charlotte has first-hand experience in the benefits of the collaboration between Sparrow Health System and Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital (HGB) that has created dramatic changes in the regional care system.

That collaboration saved Sleight’s life.

Since forming a partnership in 2012, Sparrow and HGB have strengthened their relationship, expanding services and sharing resources. The two systems have worked to improve the Patient experience, reduce costs, share talent and integrate care, leading to numerous success stories, such as Sleight’s.

One way the two hospitals have worked together is to develop a system to provide the best possible outcome for Patients who come to HGB with chest pain or stroke symptoms.

Sleight, 45, who had always been active and in good health, had no warning signs of the heart attack he experienced this spring. During the drive to HGB, he began having classic symptoms: back pain, arm numbness, tightening of the chest, profuse sweating.

Sleight’s heart stopped twice that afternoon but the HGB team was able to get him stabilized so he could be transported to Sparrow, where a coronary stent was implanted during surgery. A branch of his left coronary artery had narrowed significantly and a piece of plaque broke off, causing a cardiac arrest.

“It was an intense, coordinated effort at HGB,” said Jim Starr, Jamie’s brother-in-law. “It was crazy, but everyone knew their role, was respectful of one another, and did what needed to be done to save my brother’s life.”

Because of the quick response and teamwork of HGB and Sparrow, Sleight’s prognosis is excellent. He will continue to see his cardiologist at Sparrow and attend cardiopulmonary rehabilitation at HGB.

“It took both teams to save Jamie,” said Susan Sleight, Jamie’s wife.

“Our hospitals and our communities continue to benefit from a shared vision of providing care as close to home as possible, while having the coordinated care systems to seamlessly provide care when minutes count. We are extremely grateful that the Sleights put their trust in our care teams,” said Dennis A. Swan, Sparrow President and CEO.

“Time and again we have seen the benefits to our communities because of our partnership with Sparrow,” said Matthew W. Rush, HGB President and CEO. “It is critical mid-Michigan residents understand that time is of the essence in most emergency situations. The system we have in place to care for heart attack and stroke victims creates a seamless process that produces the best possible outcomes.”

In addition to the heart and stroke protocols, Sparrow and HGB continue to collaborate in many areas to increase efficiencies and ensure each and every Patient is provided excellent care for lower costs. These include pharmacy and medical supplies, and the management of ancillary services like radiology and laboratory. HGB also manages the Thoracic and Cardiovascular Institute services Sparrow provides on its campus.

Sparrow and HGB also work together to impact population health through resources, services and education provided at AL!VE, HGB’s experience-based health park in Charlotte. This includes Physician lectures and presentations, providing child care and children’s recreational opportunities for parents receiving clinical care, and collaborating on diabetes management programs.