New Sparrow Sports Medicine practice, sports concussion care

Published: Sept. 23, 2015

Sparrow, in collaboration with MSU Sports Medicine, is excited to announce the opening of a new Sports Medicine practice to provide sports concussion care and acute injury treatment.

Sports-related head injuries are top-of-mind with the return of pro, college and prep football and are a key concern of parents and coaches.

“Management of a concussion is a very important aspect of keeping your athlete safe,” said Michael Shingles, D.O., Medical Director, Sparrow Sports Medicine. “This new practice is a great opportunity for athletes to be seen and treated for concussions and the first time we’ve had a specific spot for them to go to for this type of head injury care.”

The new Sparrow Sports Medicine Practice is located at the Sparrow Health Science Pavilion, 2900 Hannah Boulevard, Suite B-102, East Lansing.

Sparrow’s partnership with MSU Sports Medicine means the most specialized experts in the region are transforming care for athletes of all ages. Jeffery Kovan, D.O., Brooke Lemmen, D.O., Mathew Saffarian, D.O., and Robert Norris, M.D., are accepting new Patients.

“It’s crucial that you initially and immediately recognize what’s going on with a concussion so you can manage it appropriately,” said Dr. Lemmen. “If it’s well managed, most will be back to activity soon without any noticeable long-term deficits. These are active and healthy Patients. We want to keep them doing what they enjoy.”

For more information about the new Sparrow Sports Medicine practice or to schedule an appointment, call 517.364.8070.

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