New videos highlight Mary Free Bed at Sparrow unit, Patients and Caregivers

Mary Free Bed at Sparrow rennovation video


The renovation and expansion of the Mary Free Bed at Sparrow rehabilitation unit is now fully complete, with 40 private Patient rooms and two state-of-the-art therapy gyms open. The project made it possible for all adult inpatient rehabilitation services to be conveniently located on the same hospital floor.

Our partners at Mary Free Bed have produced a number of wonderful videos highlighting Mary Free Bed at Sparrow. 

Mary Free Bed at Sparrow, a joint venture between Sparrow Hospital and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, offers highly specialized inpatient rehabilitative care for Patients with physically disabling conditions due to stroke, head injury, arthritis, amputation, spinal cord injury, or other musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders.