Nine new Physicians join Sparrow Medical Group

Published: Jan. 7, 2015

Sparrow is pleased to announce nine new Physicians became part of Sparrow Medical Group, effective Dec. 31, 2014.

The addition of the former Mid-Michigan Physicians OB/GYN and Mid-Michigan Physicians Nephrology practices is part of Sparrow’s effort to transform care and expand access in the mid-Michigan region.

We are excited about adding these excellent Physicians and practices and increasing our reach in the region we serve. The Physicians have provided many years of quality care to mid-Michigan.

Elaine du Plessis, M.D., Rhonda Maney, M.D., Amber McLean, D.O., and Frank Takyi, M.D., have joined SMG OB/GYN.

Shyam Bhupalam, M.D., Gabriel Elia, M.D., Rafael Javier, M.D., Beenu Kaw, M.D., and Anurag Tikaria, M.D., as well as Marty Dack, NP, and Diana Luckhardt, NP, have joined SMG Nephrology.

Office names will change to:

  • SMG OB/GYN Lake Lansing Road - 1540 Lake Lansing Road, Suite 205
  • SMG OB/GYN St. Johns - 901 S. Oakland Street, Suite 102
  • SMG Nephrology Coolidge Road - 2601 Coolidge Road, Suite B
  • SMG Nephrology Lake Lansing Road - 1540 Lake Lansing Road, Suite 204
  • SMG Nephrology Michigan Avenue - 1703 E. Michigan Avenue

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