Pharmacy Plus part of county medication drop-off program

Published: Jan. 22, 2014

Those who need to safely dispose of unwanted medications can now drop them off at a Sparrow Pharmacy Plus in Ingham County as part of the Capital Area Take Back Meds program.

The Take Back Meds program is a joint effort between local pharmacies and government agencies to provide residents with safe, convenient access to proper medicine disposal.

"Medications should never be thrown in the trash, poured down the drain or flushed down the toilet," said Ron Melaragni, Administrative Director for Sparrow Pharmacy Plus. "The Take Back Meds program helps us prevent the dangers of improper medication disposal - including water pollution or allowing the medications to get in the wrong hands."

When dropping off medications, people should bring the original container and medication label, and block out identifying personal information on the label.

Sparrow Pharmacy Plus locations in Ingham County and other program participants will accept non-controlled drugs, antibiotics, steroids, over-the-counter medications and pet medications. Controlled substances, such as narcotics, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens and cannabis, must be dropped off at Ingham County law enforcement agencies.

Participating Sparrow Pharmacy Plus locations:

  • Sparrow Pharmacy Plus #1; 1100 W. Saginaw, Lansing; 517.364.7474

  • Sparrow Pharmacy Plus #10; 915 E. Michigan, Lansing; 517.364.3079

  • Sparrow Pharmacy Plus #11 in the Sparrow Professional Building; 1200 E. Michigan Ave., Suite 310, Lansing; 517.364.5380

  • Sparrow Pharmacy Plus #2; 129 S. Putnam, Williamston; 517.655.2420

For more information about the Take Back Meds program, visit