PHP selected by state to manage high-risk pool

LANSING, Mich. - Physicians Health Plan of Mid-Michigan (PHP) President and CEO Scott Wilkerson said the not-for-profit health plan is looking forward to its expanding role in providing high-quality health care to Michigan residents.

PHP has been selected by the state of Michigan to manage a high-risk pool of chronically uninsured people under the Affordable Care Act, the federal health care reform law passed earlier this year. This role dovetails not only with PHP's excellent and well-established track record of serving public-sector programs and the state of Michigan, but also with the health plan's commitment to improving the health of our community.

"This new role allows us to build on our 29-year tradition of providing accessible care with high quality," Wilkerson said. "PHP has earned a well-deserved reputation for extraordinary member service - a reputation that has drawn national attention. PHP is ranked as one of the nation's best health care plans by U.S. News and World Report. PHP has a long history of partnering with the State of Michigan on health issues."

"Our new members will find what existing PHP members have long known - that our approach ensures they receive high-quality clinical care and service from our extensive network of providers and hospitals," Wilkerson said.

PHP will manage the high-risk pool of 22 Michigan counties, including the Lansing region. The high risk pool will operate until Jan. 1, 2014, when the federal law requires all insurers to eliminate restrictions on pre-existing conditions