PHP waives COVID test costs, early prescription refill limit

LANSING, MI – Physicians Health Plan (PHP) announced that it will waive prior authorizations and Member cost sharing for COVID-19 testing as well as waive early prescription refill limits.

“Our top priority is the health and safety of our Members,” says Physicians Health Plan Medical Director Peter Graham, M.D. “With so much uncertainty around COVID-19, we want to alleviate any worry a Member may have about testing.”

Effective immediately, PHP will waive Member expenses for COVID-19 testing and will increase access to prescription medication for their individual, fully insured groups, and Medicare Advantage Members, which includes Sparrow Advantage, Covenant Advantage, and PHP Advantage. Among the steps PHP is taking:

  • PHP will waive prior authorization and member copays and deductibles for COVID-19 diagnostic testing as ordered by a Physician and consistent with CDC guidelines, and
  • PHP will waive early prescription refill lockouts to ensure an adequate supply.

In addition, PHP is working to streamline bed or facility transfers. This includes both intra- and inter-facility transfers, whether in or out of network, to help alleviate potential shortages in ICU beds.

Should a PHP Member be diagnosed with COIVD-19, PHP will cover medically necessary services as we would any other illness or injury and in accordance with the Member’s policy.

“We also want to remind our members of the extreme importance of the CDC guidance to stay home if feeling unwell,” says Dr. Graham. “Given the nature of how COVID-19 is spread, PHP members are strongly encouraged to call their healthcare provider or use a telehealth benefit, if available, first before seeking in-person care, especially if fever and/or cough are present.”

If any PHP Member has a question about their health plan coverage, they may call the customer service number on the back of their card.

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