RN Spotlight: Nurse’s journey begins, ends with commitment

Meseret Hailu, M.S.N., R.N., C.N.M.L.

Published: Oct. 23, 2013

Even as a young girl growing up in Ethiopia, Meseret Hailu knew she wanted to be a Nurse. She's always loved taking care of people in their time of need.

It's that commitment to Nursing excellence that earned Hailu recognition as this month's RN Caregiver Spotlight of the month. Sparrow's RN Caregiver Spotlight recognizes one Nurse each month and honors his/her accomplishments.

"Nursing was something I was so passionate about from a very early age," said Hailu, M.S.N., R.N., C.N.M.L., a Nurse Manager in Sparrow's Neurosciences Center. "My father was a Nurse and a pharmacist and always had medical books lying around. I couldn't stop reading them."

After getting her Bachelor's of Science degree in biology, Hailu left Ethiopia 23 years ago to come to the Lansing area. She has been providing quality, compassionate care in mid-Michigan for more than two decades, working at Sparrow since 2001.

"Patients' needs should always come first and that's how Sparrow has always operated," she said. "The Patient-centered care has allowed me to be an advocate for Patients, listen to their needs, and help make their stay with us as comfortable as possible."

Hailu is well-respected throughout mid-Michigan. Earlier this year, she was named "Nurse of the Year" by the Greater Flint Black Nurses Association.

"It was such a humbling honor for me," Hailu said. "Being recognized by your peers is validation for what we do. We're all working to ensure Patients receive the best possible care."