Sparrow Caregivers receive special training in infant massage

Group of Sparrow caregivers posing for photo

Published: June 5, 2018

Sparrow Caregivers have received special certification in neonatal touch and massage, benefiting babies with positive touching and helping families bond with their infants.

The technique will be used in Sparrow’s Pediatric Rehabilitation unit and the Regional Intensive Care Unit (RNICU) for the hospital’s smallest Patients.

Rehabilitation Therapists and several RNICU Nurses received extensive training regarding infant massage, handling and positioning. The goal is to provide families with opportunities and tools to bond with their infant.

Babies thrive when they receive positive touch on a consistent basis. With their training, Caregivers can provide positive touch, massage and release tight muscles. This will help counter the many procedures, tests, and processes that these babies endure, such as IVs, X-rays, and more.

The certified Therapists and Nurses can provide a positive experience for the infant and their family while in the hospital, then follow up with the family when the child receives outpatient care through Pediatric Rehabilitation.

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