Sparrow receives 2016 Regional Diversity Star Award

Lansing, MI – The Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) presented its 2nd Annual Regional Diversity Star Award to Sparrow at its Board of Directors and Annual Meeting on Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at Dean Transportation Conference Center, Lansing, MI. As companies compete for top talent, strong diversity and inclusion initiatives ensure they will attract and retain the ‘best-of-the- best’. LEAP recognizes companies, like Sparrow, who demonstrate best practices in creating a diverse and welcoming place where global talent wants to work and succeed, which has a direct impact on our local economy.

LEAP presented the first Regional Diversity Star Award to AF Group in November 2015. Accepting the 2016 award on behalf of Sparrow was Dennis Swan, President & CEO and Lori Simon, Diversity & Inclusion Sr. Community Advocate.

”Sparrow is a community-owned and community-governed non-profit organization. Diversity and inclusion ethics and principles reflect our fundamental belief that the Sparrow Family needs to truly reflect the people we are honored to care for and serve.” said Dennis Swan, President & CEO, Sparrow.

“Diversity is embedded in everything we do here at LEAP, it represents what is best about the Lansing region and great companies like Sparrow recognize this as business imperative, not only for the communities they serve, but through the world-class talent they attract and retain.” said Bob Trezise, President & CEO, LEAP.

“At Sparrow, we don’t have to enforce diversity and inclusion, we embrace it and practice it everyday to ensure that we provide quality, compassionate care to everyone, every time. More importantly, we could not do this important work and receive such an award without the support and leadership of our President and CEO Dennis Swan.” Said Lori Simon, Diversity & Inclusion Sr. Community Advocate, when receiving the 2016 Regional Diversity Star Award.

“Diversity Lansing is excited to provide all new programming for 2017, with a concentration on empowering and educating regional leaders, HR professionals, the public and diversity practitioners from around the state.” said Tedi Parsons, Director of Diversity & Inclusion at LEAP. “More than ever, companies are recognizing diversity and inclusion as a core principal when attracting and retaining talent from around the globe and Diversity Lansing is ready to assist them in their hiring efforts.” said Parsons.

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