Sparrow unveils new “Wear a mask. Save a life” campaign

Published: Aug. 3, 2020

LANSING, MI – Sparrow has kicked off a new public service campaign, “Wear a mask. Save a life,” designed to emphasize what’s at stake in protecting ourselves from the spread of COVID-19.

Leading Sparrow clinicians urge everyone to follow expert-recommended safety protocols, including wearing a mask, to slow the spread of the virus and help avoid another deadly wave.

“By covering your mouth, nose and chin, you’re significantly lowering the chances of spreading infection through small droplets that come out of your mouth when you talk, sneeze and cough,” said Karen Kent VanGorder, M.D., Sparrow’s Chief Medical and Quality Officer and Denny Martin, M.D., FACOOG, Sparrow Hospital Chief Medical Officer.

Everyone at a Sparrow site of care, whether it is patients, caregivers, visitors and executives, are required to wear a face mask.

“Wearing a mask can be uncomfortable. It’s never been required in our lifetimes and it’s not natural to many of us,” the Sparrow clinical leaders said. “But our message is not going to change: Everyone who comes to Sparrow will be screened and you must wear a mask. But we’re not asking people to do it because it’s required, we’re asking them to do it to save the lives of their fellow human beings.”

Sparrow has been a leader in providing personal protective equipment to our patients and caregivers during the pandemic and in testing the community.

The “Wear a mask. Save a life” campaign will be seen in local advertising, social media, and throughout Sparrow.


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