MAC Massage


Massage Therapies

Whether you are looking for relief from tired, achy muscles or just want some relaxation, a MAC Massage with one of our licensed massage therapists will help you take care of YOU today! We have a variety of massage styles available and will tailor your massage to fit individual needs. 

Swedish Massage

Long glides and firm pressure is used to provide the comfort of relaxation and can lower stress levels. Swedish Massage provides a healthy balance of well being for the whole body. 

Deep Pressure Massage

Deeper pressure is used to target the loosening of trigger points or "knots" in the muscle. 

Sports Massage

Get a massage before or after a workout or athletic event. We can provide light to deep pressure and stretching for optimal benefits. 

Hands and Feet Massage

Enjoy some pampering on your overworked hands and feet. 

Pre-natal Massage
We can tailor a massage for moms to be. Let us help you find refreshment and relaxation in your journey to motherhood.

Please contact the Concierge at 517.364.8800 for more information or to schedule a session.


Full Body Table Massages 

  • 30 minutes $45
  • 60 minutes $65
  • 90 minutes $90

Chair Massage

  • 20 minutes $20
  • 30 minutes $35