Training & Lessons

Whether your goal is to improve overall conditioning, recover from injury, enhance your performance in a specific sport or skill, manage your weight or deal with chronic health conditions, the MAC has a training program to help you.

The MAC's trainers are highly educated and experienced fitness professionals, conducting more than 15,000 personal training sessions each year. All of our trainers hold degrees and are certified by at least one of the industry's top certifying bodies:

Why use a personal trainer?

  • Individualized program design
  • Learning proper technique and progressions
  • Weight loss guidance
  • Health, fitness and nutritional education
  • Goal-setting
  • Accountability
  • Body fat testing

Training Options

  • Individual
  • Dual sessions (bring a partner)
  • Group sessions

For more information on group or one-on-one training, please contact the Personal Training Department at 517.364.8863.

Personal Training

Our personal trainers will lead, educate and train you on how to get the most out of your workouts. Meet once a week or once a year, our trainers will help you succeed, no matter what your goal! 

When: By appointment
Cost: $60-$75/session/members; $18 surcharge/session/guests

If you are new to fitness, or just want to pump it up, our exceptional personal trainers and training programs can help you reach your goals faster.

A personal trainer will lead, educate and train you on how to safely and effectively benefit from different equipment and exercises. Personal Training times are based on the availability of the trainer and range from $60-$75 per session. Contact the Personal Training department for more information, or to schedule a session. We look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Fitness Orientations

Let a member of our trained fitness staff take you through a one (1) hour, comprehensive fitness orientation to get you ready to use the club. Learn how to effectively use our extensive line of cardiovascular and weight equipment so you can get the most out of your membership. Fitness orientations are offered seven days a week by appointment only. Contact the concierge to schedule your time at 517.364.8863. 

Basketball Lessons

Benefits of Basketball Training Services

Basketball training instructions focus on the fundamentals of ball handling, shooting and passing through a variety of drills at game speed so the skills can transfer to any tryout, practice, game or tournament.

In addition to individual training, the MAC has the Gun8000 (shooting machine) to help players improve their shot.

Sessions are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment 517.364.8800.

Volleyball Lessons

Interested in elevating your volleyball skills?  Look no further than volleyball coaching at the MAC!  You’ll have the opportunity to train with one of the MAC's qualified and talented volleyball coaches. 
Our coaches believe the best athletes are the best students of the game. Being a student of the game can help athletes reach their full potential along with fundamental training, video feedback, and dedication. Instructions are designed for first-time volleyball players or those looking to tune-up their skills. Players can receive training on specific skills. MAC coaches advocate for building confidence, working hard, and encouraging players to not limit themselves.

Training session scheduling is coordinated between coaches and clients directly.  Contact the MAC Concierge at 517.364.8800 for additional information. 

Sports Performance

The average student athlete is exposed to a varying number of conditioning programs every year. Few however, find the keys to unlocking their athletic success. The performance experts at the MAC offer sport specific training programs for athletes of all ages and levels, which are geared to help achieve their highest level of performance. The training methods, as well as knowledge and credentials at the MAC are unlike any other around. These methods originated in the Eastern Bloc Countries and were improved upon in the United States through Olympic Training Facilities, Professional Sports Organizations, and other national health and fitness professional organizations such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Benefits of Sport Specific Training

With proper training; foot speed, vertical jump, balance, explosiveness, athletic power, and reduction in injuries will result. Parents will also benefit by having a confident student/athlete at home and the potential for saving money towards college tuition if the child is awarded an athletic scholarship.


The brain is the core of all body movement. If the brain could process thoughts at a quicker rate to the extremities, an athlete’s response time would improve. Through many years of research from our friends in the Eastern Bloc Countries, methods such as Plyometrics, audio/visual training and agility training have been proven to help improve communication between the brain and extremities. With proper training, foot speed, vertical jump, balance, vertical explosiveness, and athletic power will be improved.

Program Execution

Training frequency (the number of workouts per week) may range from 1 to 3 times per week. The training depends on whether the athlete is engaged in off season or in season training. Due to the stress of sport activity, an athlete should be seen in-season at least once per week to maintain athletic ability and injury prevention throughout the entire season. No athlete is ever allowed to advance to levels without measurable improvements in motor development, body awareness, balance, and joint stability.

Sport Specific

We currently are working with athletes in the following sports: Basketball, football, baseball, hockey, volleyball, tennis, soccer, track, wrestling, figure skating, golf swimming, and cheerleader conditioning.

Our goal is to have each athlete leave our program faster, more agile, and equipped for competition. For more information on group or one-on-one training please contact Nicole Simmons at 517.364.8870.

Private Swimming Lessons

Personalized one-on-one instruction with our elite team in a private 60/45/30 minute session. Reduced rates available for semi-private lessons with 2 or more people. Visit the MAC's Aquatics page to learn more about private and semi-private lessons.

Private Pilates

Personalized one-on-one instruction using the full array of equipment in a private 55 minute session. Reduced rates available for semi-private lessons with 2-4 participants.
Rates begin at the following but vary by instructor. 

Private: $60/hr
Duet: $36 per person/hr
Trio: $30 per person/hr
4 or more: $25 person/hr