Sparrow Medical Group, Family Medicine Residency Central

About the Practice

The Sparrow Family Medicine Residency Offices offer Patients an opportunity to experience full-spectrum primary care. Our Physicians provide pediatric and adult care as well as prenatal and hospital care. Additionally, each of our locations offer a variety of office-based procedures. The offices are the training site for the Sparrow/Michigan State University Family Medicine Residency Program. Our Physicians have graduated from medical school and are now in their residency, a 3-year training program, in family medicine. As a new Patient in our office, you will be assigned to one of our residents. Board certified faculty Physicians are always present for consultation and review of all Patient care. Typically, graduates of our program continue to practice medicine in the Mid Michigan area.


1200 E. Michigan Avenue, Suite 245
Lansing, MI 48912

Phone: 517.364.5710

​Fax: 517.364.5717


An outpatient department of E.W. Sparrow Hospital

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