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Patients of Sparrow Pharmacy Plus locations and Sparrow Clinton Hospital pharmacies can refill their prescriptions conveniently online. Please read the following notice to begin.

This notice describes how medical information you submitted through the online prescription refill feature of this web site may be used and disclosed. Also please review the sparrow health system website security policy and the sparrow health system notice of privacy practices for more information.

All information submitted in the online prescription refill form is a confidential part of your medical record. If you choose to provide your E-Mail address you will be added to a guest book and may receive future electronic mailings from Sparrow Health System.

The information you submit on the online prescription refill form is made available to Sparrow Pharmacy/Sparrow Pharmacy Plus, Inc. personnel for the purpose of refilling your existing prescription. By submitting this form, you are authorizing Sparrow Pharmacy/Sparrow Pharmacy Plus, Inc. to contact your insurance company for verification of coverage and payment.

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Please verify that you have chosen a Sparrow Pharmacy/Sparrow Pharmacy Plus, Inc. location by referencing your current prescription label. If your prescription label does not list a Sparrow Pharmacy/Sparrow Pharmacy Plus, Inc. location, please call a Sparrow Pharmacy/Sparrow Pharmacy Plus, Inc. pharmacy directly to change the location for your prescription refill.

Please allow 4 hours for refill requests to be processed, 48 hours if your refill is a compound. Orders placed between 8:00am and 1:00pm will be processed on the same day. Pharmacies will only have access to your order during business hours.