feelin good mileage club

Feelin' Good® Mileage Club®

At Sparrow, our mission is to improve the health of the people in our communities, and that starts with supporting healthy habits for our kids. Children must become more physically active to ensure a healthier life.

To encourage area children to increase activity, Sparrow offers the Feelin’ Good® Mileage Club®, a voluntary program designed to make exercise fun by offering students in grades PK-6 the chance to walk/run during designated break periods at school and earn incentives for reaching key milestones.

The 2022 program runs from April 11 - May 27. During that time, students earn a Toe Token® (a brightly colored shoelace charm) for every five miles logged and all students who complete 20 miles will receive a specially designed water bottle.

In 2021, 4,364 mid-Michigan children logged 49,630 miles on their way to better health while earning fun prizes.

Kids love participating and 87 percent of parents report an increase in their child's physical activity after participating in the program.

The Feelin’ Good® Mileage Club® is provided free of charge to schools in Clinton, Eaton, Gratiot, Ingham, Ionia, Livingston, Montcalm and Shiawassee counties, but is limited to the first 150 schools to enroll. Be sure to register your school as soon as possible!

How can I check to see if my child's school is participating in the 2022 Feelin' Good® Mileage Club®?

Eligible schools can register from Dec. 1, 2021 - Dec. 31, 2021.

For a current list of 2022 participating schools, visit SparrowMilesClub.com.

If my child's school is participating in the 2022 Feelin' Good® Mileage Club® program, how do I register my child?

Online registration is available from Feb.1-Feb 28, 2022 at SparrowMilesClub.com.

How to Get Your School Involved

The Feelin’ Good® Mileage Club® is available free of charge to schools in Clinton, Eaton, Gratiot, Ingham, Ionia, Livingston, Montcalm and Shiawassee counties, but will be limited to the first 150 schools to enroll.

How can my child's school participate in the Feelin' Good® Mileage Club®​?

First, we recommend you review the program expectations and speak with the principal at your child's school. If the principal is interested and would like to offer the Feelin' Good® Mileage Club® the next step is to identify a coordinator to oversee the program. The coordinator must register the school to participate at SparrowMilesClub.com during open enrollment: Dec. 1, 2021 - Dec. 31, 2021.

Questions? Contact Sparrow Health and Wellness at 517.364.8140 or wellness@sparrow.org.


Logan Kroczaleski's love of running grew out of the Feelin' Good® Mileage Club®

Now, the 12-year-old looks forward to one day joining the Grand Ledge High School track and field team and has found a healthy activity for a lifetime. Here's what his mother, Patty Tarr, has to say about Logan's experience:

"Logan was participating in the Mileage Club® at Delta Center Elementary School a couple years ago and loved the challenges of reaching the different mileage goals. Our Grand Ledge High School track and field team came to encourage the kids and one of the guys ran with Logan and told him to try the Michigan Mile event. I signed him up and he ran it and loved it! … We had tried many sports in the past and there was not a huge interest in them. But Mileage Club® changed that. … Not only has this program impacted Logan it has flowed over to my life also. We run together and have a great time connecting with each other. It is absolutely incredible!! Mileage Club® has been a positive and rewarding experience for our entire family. I am so grateful for this program and what it offers the kids!!”

Greater Lansing Islamic School in East Lansing

The students at Greater Lansing Islamic School in East Lansing enjoy the camaraderie that comes from encouraging each other to reach their mileage goals. Here's what Mileage Club® coordinator Mellisa Reed says about her students:

"The Feelin' Good® Mileage Club® is such a positive and encouraging program. I've seen so many students who don't typically run or walk go out and push themselves to do better every day. I also love the encouragement I hear from students as they cheer each other on as they are running."

Mount Hope Elementary School in Lansing

Students who become more physically fit also do better in the classroom, says coordinator Lorie Brace of Mount Hope Elementary School in Lansing:

"Students participated and encouraged each other to reach their goals. It was great to see their stamina improve during the program not only physically but I also noticed increased focus in the classroom."

Kendon Elementary in Lansing

Mandy Springer of Kendon Elementary in Lansing has seen firsthand how the Feelin' Good® Mileage Club® encourages teamwork:

"This is a great way to foster teamwork when exercising. We had kids helping and encouraging other students as they walked. There were even kids clapping and cheering as they ran the last lap for their water bottle."

St. Mary Catholic School in Williamston

The Feelin' Good® Mileage Club® is a great way that Sparrow is working to improve health in the mid-Michigan region, said Peggy Kuhr of St. Mary Catholic School in Williamston:

"I think it is a positive sign for our community that Sparrow, a major health provider in our community, is offering a heart healthy program for our children."

Program Expectations

To ensure a successful program and maintain consistency between schools, the Feelin’ Good® Mileage Club® coordinators are required to meet the expectations outlined below. Please review these expectations thoroughly before enrolling your school.

BEFORE the program begins:

  • Recruit a team of volunteers (parents, grandparents, teachers, students) to help you promote and facilitate the program.
  • Promote the program to parents, students and staff and encourage enrollment from Feb. 1 - Feb. 28, 2022.
  • Designate a Mileage Club® course for your students (1/4 mile recommended)
    • Find a suitable area that offers good visibility for course supervisors and a safe walking environment.
    • Accurately measure the course. A measuring wheel is available at Playmakers in Okemos (517.349.3803) or from Sparrow Health and Wellness (517.364.8141).

DURING the program:

  • Record mileage on a weekly basis according to timeline provided.
  • Distribute incentives using the guidelines below. Incentive levels MAY NOT be modified.
    • One Toe Token® = five miles (four max, per child)
    • One water bottle = 20 miles (one per child)
  • Run the program during published start/finish dates only.

AFTER the program:

To become a Mileage Club® site:

Step 1

Complete the online registration at SparrowMilesClub.com. The program is available to the first 150 schools in Clinton, Eaton, Gratiot, Ingham, Ionia, Livingston, Montcalm and Shiawassee counties that register between Dec. 1, 2021 and Dec. 31, 2021.

Step 2

The coordinator (not a designee) must attend a one-hour orientation meeting. Dates and times for orientations are included in the online registration.

Get Active!

Across the nation, children’s health and fitness is at risk. The average child spends too much time in front of a TV and drinks too much soda and not enough milk and water.

It’s time to get moving and get active! That’s what the Feelin’ Good® Mileage Club® is all about.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Limit TV time and get kids moving.
    • Be prepared to offer alternative activities to TV or video games, like shooting hoops or going for a bike ride.
    • Be active with your kids. You are their role model for an active lifestyle.
    • Don’t position your TV as the main focus of the room. Remove TVs from bedrooms and don’t use television as a reward or punishment.
  • Ways to get non-athletes physically active: Some children are embarrassed to participate in sports because they don’t think they’re good enough. Practice with them to build their confidence.
  • Try new things to find an activity they love, such as horseback riding, dancing and skateboarding. It doesn't have to look like exercise to offer health benefits.
  • Practice heart-healthy habits: Plan family outings that involve vigorous activities such as hiking and biking.
  • Give your child household chores that require physical exertion like mowing the lawn or raking leaves.
  • Going somewhere close? Walk or bike rather than drive.