Caregiver Spotlight

Hovita Smith Web Teaser

Caregiver Spotlight – Hovita Smith, RN

Hovita Smith, RN, a Sparrow St. Lawrence Outpatient Surgery nurse, goes above and beyond to make sure her patients feel comfortable before and after surgery.
Jennifer “JJ” Brandt, RN

Caregiver Spotlight – Jennifer “JJ” Brandt, RN

Jennifer “JJ” Brandt, RN, a Sparrow Hospital Emergency Department nurse, goes above and beyond to be a voice for her patients and to advocate on their behalf. That’s one reason she is this month’s Caregiver Spotlight.
Caregiver Spotlight – Marci Stier, RN

Caregiver Spotlight – Marci Stier, RN

Marci Stier, RN, a nurse at Mary Free Bed at Sparrow, goes above and beyond to listen to patients and put their minds at ease as they undergo rehabilitation.
Rachel Higgins | Sparrow Hospital Inpatient Rehab Scheduling Specialist

Caregiver Spotlight – Rachel Higgins

Rachel Higgins, Inpatient Rehab Scheduling Specialist at Sparrow Hospital, always thinks about how she can help someone else, including giving them her own coat and boots.
Kara Follick April 2021 Caregiver Spotlight

Caregiver Spotlight – Kara Follick, PCT

Kara Follick, a Patient Care Technician on Sparrow Hospital’s Float Team, goes above and beyond to do “those extra little things” for patients to lift their spirits and help them feel better, including braiding a patient’s hair.
Michelle Nugent Caregiver Spotlight April 2021

Caregiver Spotlight – Michelle Nugent, RN

Michelle Nugent, RN, a nurse in the Med-Surg Unit at Sparrow Ionia Hospital, goes above and beyond for her patients and their families, including bringing music to calm a lonely patient.   
2021_03 Caregiver Spotlight - Jennifer Parsons

Caregiver Spotlight – Jennifer Parsons

Jennifer Parsons is a driver/courier for Sparrow Pharmacy Plus and she is this month’s Caregiver Spotlight. Jennifer loves helping people and has a keen awareness of patient needs. So, when she encountered an elderly woman who was having an allergic reaction and difficulty breathing, she called for help and assured the frightened woman that she would stay by her side until EMS arrived.
Caregiver Spotlight - Rockey Phillips

Caregiver Spotlight – Rockey Phillips

Rockey Phillips is one of Sparrow’s many behind-the-scenes heroes who help keep the health system and patient care on track. Rockey, who works for Facilities Management at Sparrow Hospital, goes out of his way to assist everyone, no matter the job, with no complaints, according to his colleagues.
Caregiver Spotlight Detlor

Caregiver Spotlight – Sara Detlor, PT

Sara Detlor volunteered to be the primary physical therapist on the COVID floors at Sparrow Hospital at the beginning of the pandemic.
Joye Cuthrell, RN - Caregiver Spotlight

Caregiver Spotlight – Joye Cuthrell, RN

Joye Cuthrell, RN, of Sparrow Internal Medicine Residency, went above and beyond in assisting a 93-year-old woman living in difficult circumstances and without a support system. Joye’s diligence and compassion are among the reasons she is this month’s Sparrow Caregiver Spotlight honoree.
Amera Koudi

Caregiver Spotlight – Amera Koudi

Amera Koudi, who works for Food and Nutrition Services at Sparrow Hospital, is this month's Caregiver Spotlight.
Dania Williams, RN - Caregiver Spotlight

Caregiver Spotlight – Dania Williams, RN

Dania Williams, RN, Sparrow Hospital Advanced Medical Stepdown, focuses on the total needs of patients and says she learns as much from them as they do from her. Dania notes that, “Patient care is number one to me. … I believe in taking care of my entire patient, not just their symptoms or why they’re admitted.”