James W. Butler III Administrative Fellowship

The Administrative Fellowship is named in honor of  James W. Butler, a well-respected and beloved community member who served on the Sparrow Board of Directors. He championed access to high-quality care for the most vulnerable and believed in creating platforms to guide the success of others.

Mr. Butler passed away on Aug. 7, 2020. Sparrow continues to keep his work and legacy alive while embracing and building an understanding of diversity in healthcare, resulting in the creation of the James W. Butler Administrative Fellowship. The Fellowship continues his legacy, preparing hospital administrators of diverse backgrounds and perspectives to meet the future of healthcare with empathy, understanding, and compassion. If you’re interested in supporting the James W. Butler Administrative Fellowship, please visit Sparrow.org/Give or call 517.364.3620 for more information.

Note: The James W. Butler III Administrative Fellowship is tailored specifically to the needs of individuals of under-represented backgrounds who are recent graduates of a Master’s program in Healthcare Administration, MBA, Public Health, or advanced degree equivalent to these studies, pursuing careers in healthcare administration. For other fellowships, residencies, internships, and job opportunities, visit Sparrow.org/Careers.

“If I make it back, I will give it back.”

Meet Our Current Fellow

Tolulope Adedokun is a first-generation Nigerian-American from Atlanta, Ga. She earned her bachelor’s in Kinesiology and master’s in Healthcare Administration from Georgia Southern University. Through her healthcare journey, Tolulope has worked in areas such as rehabilitation, behavioral health and acute care, giving her both clinical and administrative exposure to the world of healthcare. Her experiences, both professionally and clinically, added to her desire to be a well-rounded, impactful healthcare leader now and in the future. With this, Tolulope decided to pursue Sparrow Health System’s James W. Butler Administrative Fellowship, which provides her the opportunity to be a part of a leading “community-based, community-owned, community-governed health system.”

As a fellow at Sparrow, Tolulope has rotations with departments throughout the health system, exposure to senior leadership, operational experiences, and participation in overall strategic healthcare management. She also assists in the development and implementation of long-term goals and objectives for the health system by working closely with Sparrow business units, departments, entities and staff.

During the last months of her fellowship, Tolulope will function independently as Administrative Representative working in concert with the Nursing Supervisor for administrative leadership at the hospital. As Tolulope continues her fellowship and leadership journey, she will strive to reach vulnerable populations and address healthcare accessibility and equity on a national and global scale.

Toluope Adedokun, Administrative Fellow

Tolulope Adedokun

National Origin
Nigerian American

Training Bachelor of Science and MHA from Georgia Southern University


Apply to Sparrow

The application cycle for the James W. Butler III Administrative Fellowship opens Feb. 1, 2022. All applications must be received no later than midnight, Mar. 4, 2022.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2022 James W. Butler III Administrative Fellowship Cycle application has been adjusted.

To apply to be considered for the James W. Butler III Administrative Fellowship, you will be required to provide the following:

  • Your Online Application
  • Your official resume/CV, listing your undergraduate and graduate GPA
  • 2-3 letters of recommendation (one professional or academic, one personal) that speak to your character and provide insight into your personal values.
  • Graduate school transcripts (only official transcripts will be accepted)
  • A personal statement (1000 words or less) addressing the following questions:
    • What stimulated your interest in healthcare?
    • Given that you have completed a master’s degree and are fully qualified for many positions in the healthcare industry, what do you hope to gain from the James Butler Administrative Fellowship that you could not gain from other career opportunities?
    • What is something about you that makes you unique or that you would otherwise like us to know about yourself?

Applicant Selection Process & Timeline

Once you have submitted the required documents, your application will be reviewed by the Executive Leadership Interview Team. Candidates selected for first round interviews will be interviewed by telephone. Candidates chosen to move forward will have a second interview that will be conducted through Webex and finalists will come on-site for an interview.

  • Applications due Mar. 4, 2022 (no later than midnight)
  • Zoom interviews, final onsite interviews, and offers will be extended late March - April, 2022
  • Orientation begins July 2022